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Undercity Plaguebat and Others: How to Get Battle for Azeroth Horde Mounts

As a proud Horde member, are you curious how to get the Undercity Plaguebat and other mounts? To get the rides you want, check this guide out.

For World of Warcraft players, the WoW mount plays a crucially essential role. Aside from their primary and practical use as transportation, the player base sees mounts as status symbols, and those who have them are, obviously, more popular than those who don’t. And now, for Battle for Azeroth, being in the Horde gives you cooler mounts. One such example is the Undercity Plaguebat, among many others. If you want to get your hands on them, here’s how.

Forever Grounded

Since it’s the article’s namesake, the first mount we’ll tackle is the Undercity Plaguebat. It’s a Horde-exclusive mount for Battle for Azeroth, making it the envy of many Alliance players.

For you to ride this cool winged beast mount, you’ll need the War-Torn Reins of the Undercity Plaguebat, which is obtained by completing either of the two quests: All to Ash or Killer Queen. Unfortunately, both are pre-Battle for Azeroth quests and are therefore no longer available. If you still want to have one, your best bet would be to buy them from other players.

Only For the Horde

It’s definitely a downer every time Blizzard takes out a quest that gives players a cool mount. Thankfully, there are lots of other equally cool Horde mounts to choose from.

First off would be the faction-exclusive mounts. From Talanji’s Expedition, you get the Expedition Bloodswarmer. From Voldunai, there’s the Alabaster Hyena. Finally, from the Zandalari Empire is the Cobalt Pterrodax. They’re definitely a lot more diverse compared to what the Alliance is getting, which are all horses—whose only difference is color!

With Battle for Azeroth comes the Allied Races, new races with new abilities and their own lore. For the horde, there’s the Mag’harOrcs and the Dark Iron Dwarves, a race which is traditionally a member of the Alliance. As for both Alliance and Horde, there are the Zandalari trolls. Yes, lore-wise the Zandalari trolls lean on no specific faction, so both can have this particular race unlocked for their account.

As for the allied races’ corresponding mounts, they are the following:

  • Mag’harOrc – Mag’harDirewolf
  • Dark Iron Dwarves – Dark Iron Core Hound
  • Zandalari Trolls – ZandalariDirehorn

All these mounts very much belong to the Horde aesthetic. Direwolves have been part of their forces and iconography since pretty much forever, and the Dark Iron Core Hound has tusks, molten rock, and metal feel to it, making it perfect for the Horde. Meanwhile, the ZandalariDirehorn, while not exactly something that perfectly fits the Horde’s motif, definitely suits the Horde way better than the Alliance.

Reward for Fighting

There are also mounts that you can earn through PVP. These aren’t faction-exclusive mounts, but they’re cool regardless. Not to mention the fact that they give you bragging rights since getting them means you’ve earned a few kills in PVP.

For completing the World PVP achievement entitled Conqueror of Azeroth, you’ll earn the Conqueror’s Scythemaw. It looks like a six-footed shelled arthropod with a saddle strapped on it.

If you and your team managed to be among the top tier in a season, you’ll receive that season’s mount. For season 1, it was the Dread Gladiator’s Proto-Drake. As for season 2, whose armor rewards have already been revealed, the reward mount for top teams is still unknown. It would be best for you to stick around and keep updated to find out.

The Horde may not always be favored lore-wise, but the cool mounts definitely more than makes up for it. So, what are you waiting for? Get those awesome rides not just for the Horde but also for yourself.

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