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Why is Magento Preferred in Growing eCommerce in UAE?

eCommerce has grabbed the attention of the entire world lately. The craze of online shopping and online selling has kept increasing over the last decade. When it is spread almost all over the world, how can UAE be spared from it? The eCommerce market has expanded its boundaries in this region and people are more inclined to buy things online. It is pretty obvious that millennials are more influenced by social media and thus, they are most likely to follow new advancements including new shopping and paying methods.

 According to a reliable report, the current UAE eCommerce market is valued at $2.5 billion. Nevertheless, it is increasing and hence, it will reach $10 billion by the end of the 2018 and hit $20 billion by the time 2019 ends. Another report of 2016 indicated that 80 per cent of the customers placed their order using mobile phones.

Undoubtedly, many popular brands are using Magento as their eCommerce platform. However, before you get to know why Magento eCommerce app is so widely known for eCommerce development, have a look at factors which are contributing to this market growth:

An online business becomes far more convenient rather than an offline business or a business in a brick and mortar store. UAE is a growing economy. There are a few amounts of nations around the globe that encourage online businesses and start-ups. UAE is one of those countries where doing business is fun, especially when it is online. Moreover, it has an outstanding environment to start and bloom the business in the relevant market. A combination of talent and labor brings out the ease of making a place in the eCommerce market.

In the past year, Amazon bought one of the most famous brands of the UAE named Not just that, several small and big companies have invested money here and have experienced tremendous growth.

UAE has walked a step ahead when it comes to using technological advancements. The businesses here are strongly supported with efficient technology, infrastructures, and modern implementations of pick up and delivery. Enhanced trading facilities,    connectivities, and logistics have made it easier for establishments to do online business.         

Most importantly, the growth of the internet and mobile technologies that accelerates the eCommerce market with smart development platforms. This is where Magento app store comes in picture.

There is a number of eCommerce development platforms in UAE and sustaining in the competition is not an easy task. Nonetheless, Magento mobile apps have been ahead in the race. Here are some of the trending eCommerce platforms and their utility results which shows that Magento gives a tough competition to all. 

Well, you can see that Magento is the top second choice of the most online businesses. It contemplated being one of the highly trusted eCommerce platforms among others. It has a significant amount of themes and other useful feature which makes it second most used and preferred development platform. Whether it is about building a retail website or a mobile app, Magento holds a big part of the eCommerce market. To create a mobile app using Magento is equal to climbing the stairs of success.

Exceptional features of Magento:

  • Have limitless front-end customization
  • Get 9000+ extensions for almost all the functionalities
  • Have a back-end which offers all the required code editing tool
  • Simple to use and manage with vast online community
  • Ample applications for third-party developers

As it is considered to be one of the best platforms for online stores that are at the level of enterprises. Magento is a qualified level of a platform and hence, it needs experienced and skilled developers to created a required product. If you are planning to build an online business that you will want to expand in near future, choose Magento mobile app extension. There are many successful high-profile brands that use Magento platform. Brands like Huawei, Liverpool, Burger King, Ford, Coca-cola, Rebecca Minkoff, Nike, and Nestle Nespresso.

Magento 2 eCommerce app is renowned for its unique features such as extended scalability and great speed as well as flexibility to be used on any kind of devices. Thus, it plays a vital role in the economy of UAE where numerous online business come into existence every other day. The thought of commencing and growing an online business in the UAE can be a success story if it is done with Magento. Looking at the hot market for eCommerce in the UAE, Magento will lead your business exactly where it needs to be.

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Audrey Zack is a Tech Geek and a passionate writer working with MobiCommerce, a platform to build mobile apps for Magento and PrestaShop store. She has a keen interest in writing about the ever-changing world of eCommerce business, mobile commerce technologies, and upcoming trends.

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