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Magento Commerce Cloud: Features, Benefits & Everything in Between

Magento Commerce Cloud is a fully-loaded platform with endless options for customization and integration for fast-growing eCommerce businesses. Here’s a detailed rundown of the Magento eCommerce platform’s top features and benefits to help you figure out if it’s the right choice for your online store.

What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

Magento Commerce Cloud is the most popular and preferred name among eCommerce platforms built exclusively for online merchants managing a high volume of visitors and sales.

Magento Cloud is the most comprehensive web-based solution running on Amazon Web services. It includes world-class technologies to enable enterprise-level merchants to run their online store seamlessly with high scalability, enhanced security, and little human effort.

However, to turn the fantastic features of Magento into tangible benefits for your online business, you need the help of an expert eCommerce Magento development company.

Features & Benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud

1. High Performance

Every online store owner wants to attract online shoppers with high definition images and engaging videos. However, this also means a slow loading site that can drive your potential customers to your competitors. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, your bounce rate can shoot up to 50%!

Loading speed is the key to increasing the conversion rate of an eCommerce business. It is why Magento comes with Fastly Image Optimization. With Fastly IO, all the website images are optimized for instant loading. Meanwhile, the server is free to manage your online orders more swiftly.

2. Customizable Features

Magento Commerce Cloud is highly customizable, which means you can design and deploy Magento extensions and install third-party extensions. Since every online store is unique, Magento comes with ready-to-use CSS customization options.

It allows you to give your storefront a standout look and feel. Besides the storefront, you can also make changes to the admin panel to simplify and streamline your day-to-day tasks. This flexibility and ease of use create a flawless admin experience for monitoring and optimizing business performance.

3. Enhanced Payment Security

Magento Commerce Cloud offers unmatched security at no cost while reducing the operational burden of the merchant. It is integrated with a Web Application Firewall, which efficiently deters malware from infiltrating your online store. Security being a standard feature of Magento cloud, you can run your store worry-free!

You can also customize the access at different levels using Captcha code and make the site even safer for your online shoppers. Plus, with top-of-line payment card security (PCI) backed by a secondary pass lock prompt, your site is entirely secure from all unwanted ruptures.

4. Improved Scalability

Magento Commerce Cloud is fully-equipped to accommodate the growing needs of your eCommerce store. It can quickly scale to manage the onslaught of website traffic for a glitch-free experience. It is integrated with scalability features like multiple master servers, order archiving, MySQL customer support, and scalable back-end product management.

With an advanced indexer, it can speed up query performance and update data regularly. With up-to-date prices and catalog data, the overall speed of your site gets a big boost. Additionally, it leverages HTTP accelerator technology, which enables online stores to provide full page caching. It ensures lightning-fast loading and high performance.

5. Mobile Responsive & SEO-friendly

Suppose your online store is not mobile optimized in this hyper-connected era. In that case, you are practically driving your potential customers to your competitors. Magento efficiently manages to keep up with the latest mobile web design specifications and offers advanced SEO solutions. Your online shoppers can expect a seamless experience when they land on your site using their smartphones.

Your website’s SEO score has a direct impact on the number of hits it receives. This is why Magento integrates the latest SEO ranking factors. It ensures that your online store is well-equipped with an SEO-friendly URL structure and meta-implementation features for higher rankings and enhanced visibility.

6. Lower TCO

Many fast-growing eCommerce companies assume that open source solutions come with a lower cost of ownership. While it is the right choice for avoiding software and subscription expenses, the TCO is a lot more in the long haul. You can expect ongoing costs for hosting, development, designing, support, maintenance, security patches, custom extensions and much more.

Open source can prove to be much costlier than Magento Commerce Cloud, which comes with advanced features. With Magento, you can eliminate all the expenses of support and reduce development costs by partnering with an experienced eCommerce Magento development company.

7. A Fully-loaded Administrative Suite

Magento Commerce Cloud comes with a feature-rich administrative suite that is custom-tailored for eCommerce stores. It empowers you to clear the online clutter and stay ahead of the curve with incredible features like:

  • B2B Module for quick and easy checkout options, easy payment options, purchasing limits, credit lines, customer-specific pricing & much more.
  • ElasticSearch allows you to customize search results across the board and efficiently manage search queries in large product catalogs in different languages.
  • Page Builders let you design unique product pages and manage content with absolute ease.
  • Content Staging allows you to schedule changes to the CMS pages to go live.
  • Customer Segmentation gives you the freedom to differentiate customers based on their purchase patterns and offer cross-sells and up-sells to increase conversions.
  • A visual merchandiser is an excellent tool for arranging product categories in a visually appealing manner. You can organize your merchandise by different parameters like size, color, discounts, best-sellers and more.
  • Instant Purchase automatically saves all your customer details and payment information for future use. It allows your online shoppers to re-order in seconds with just a few clicks!

8. Faster Time to Market

Further, it is one of the most significant advantages of Magento Commerce Cloud. It allows you to accelerate your time to market with automated deployments. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to launch and run a fully-functional online store in just six months.

What Makes Magento Commerce Cloud the Right Choice?

Magento Commerce Cloud includes everything you need to run an online store seamlessly and successfully. You should go for Magento Cloud edition if you are looking for a platform that offers:

  • Flawless production deployment
  • Ongoing innovations
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customizable features
  • Omnichannel experiences
  • Custom integrations
  • Currency and language support
  • On-demand scalability
  • Increased storage space
  • High performance

However, you can only make the most of these features if you can assist an eCommerce Magento development company that can use Magento’s unique features to your advantage. A certified eCommerce Magento development company can help you create a competitive edge with an omnichannel online experience that integrates all your business processes into a powerful Magento Commerce Cloud solution.

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