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Why Should You Choose Magento Development for your eCommerce Business?

A huge number of online sellers are turning to Magento. Wondering why? Read this blog to find out more!

Magento is a sought-after CMS framework that enables the most appealing and effective e-commerce applications. This platform is preferred more by companies for eCommerce solutions since it offers an array of advantages. Magento is highly scalable, extremely flexible, and an easy-to-use platform.

Moreover, it enables the development of a complete online store. Using Magento, developers can add almost any functionality to their eCommerce store and customize it based on their needs or according to their clients’ solutions. Developers obtain several other benefits by using Magento for their online store. Let’s dive into some of them.

Benefits of Magento That Can Change Your Biz Game

  • Open Platform

This eCommerce solution comes with a free community, and you can also opt for a premium version of the enterprise community by paying annual charges.
The site allows the users to modify, tailor and customize the available source codes to develop advanced features in your store. The platform is user-friendly and enables the installation of extensions that suit the daily needs of a business.

  • Premium Features

When Magento was compared with other similar platforms, it was concluded that the platform provided diversity and richness. Such features make marketing, promotion, and checkout processes seamless for online stores. It offers every feature required to run an online store from start to finish.

  • Top-Notch Scalability

Magento establishes a comfortable environment for the businesses and at the same time is highly scalable and super flexible. That said, you can start with limited products and scale as your business grows. Its scalability makes the platform the leader of the eCommerce development industry.

  • Security Measures

Security is the issue that concerns every business owner. The platform pays special attention to this issue and provides the highest level of security. Security patches are also updated at regular intervals by the security centre. Magento provides next-level protection from internet attacks. Now that we know the benefits of using Magento for your eCommerce store, let us discuss a few tips to keep the website developed using Magento updated.

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Checklist to Maintain a Magento eCommerce Developed Website 

  • Ensure You Have the Latest Version

Just like any other software needs an update frequently, websites needs to be updated as well. That said, you should update it regularly with the newest version of Magento software. The developers of a Magento development company work tirelessly every day to fix bugs and ensure the overall performance of your website. Hence, Magento is a reliable platform that results in developing a robust website where the users feel secured while shopping. 

  • Test the Speed

To provide a good user experience, the website load speed is critical. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, most of the users abandon that website. Hence, it is critical to conduct load tests quite often and if you notice a delay in its load time, then it is recommended to upgrade Magento to its latest version.

Keep in mind, good website speed ensures higher conversion rates and reduces bounce rates significantly. 

  • Mobile-Friendly

Mobile commerce has taken the world by its storm and has become more important than ever. Nowadays, most consumers shop using their mobile devices, and hence, having a website optimized for mobile devices is critical. If you don’t make your website mobile responsive, you will lose many potential consumers. Google prefers mobile-responsive websites too as they streamline the user experience. 

  • Opt for the Right Hosting Service

For hassle-free maintenance of your website, you should choose a reliable and professional hosting service. The hosting service provider should be chosen according to the size of your database, websites, and the Magento version you are using. You should not go with cheap hosting service providers as they don’t offer services as expected and are not dependable either. Opt for top-tier hosting companies to stay ahead of your competitor. 

  • Safety and Security

While shopping online, a user may have to provide confidential, personal information, including passwords, card details, phone number, address, etc. Hence, securing an online store is of utmost importance. You should choose to invest in an SSL certificate that protects all critical data of your website.

Also, you should get the certificate renewed from time to time to ensure it functions properly. To avoid a leak of passwords, you should protect the admin panel with two-factor authentication. 

  • Smooth Order Process

Sales are the ultimate goal of any business, and so is the case with an eCommerce website. Any error or disruption during the journey of a user will impact sales. Hence, a seamless order and checkout process is critical for increasing sales and client retention. Magento enables the development of a swift ordering process and also delivers crisp solutions for an online store. 

  • Managing Database

Magento saves every consumer data that includes the clicks, history, and other related data. Hence, to ensure the stable performance of your online store, you should clean the log manually with the help of PHP Scripts. However, do keep a backup of your data. 

  • Hire a Magento Development Company

Building and maintaining a Magento website may be a daunting task. It takes several aspects into account, and as your business grows, it can become difficult for your in-house team to manage everything. Hence, we advise you to hire a Magento development company that can cater to all your needs. They have the required expertise and can take care of all your requirements.

Wrapping Up: Best Step for New Entrepreneurs

It is critical to understand your website’s functioning thoroughly and make sure that it performs beyond expectations. We have discussed several reasons for a business to pick Magento. To get your eCommerce store built, hire the best Magento development company to obtain maximum benefits. Magento will help deliver a unique online shopping experience to your users, and your business will reach new heights. Magento has been a user’s favourite for several years now, and you should not miss the golden opportunity for your online store.

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