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Why Cooking Has Become Therapeutic Amidst the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected a lot of people around the world. And we’re not just talking about how the virus affects people physically, but mentally as well. Since 2020, schools haven’t been conducting face-to-face classes. Some companies moved their employees from an office setup to a work-from-home arrangement. Everybody now stays at home, which is taking a toll on people’s mental health.

But then again, human beings are creative. We tend to divert our attention to something happy rather than letting the pandemic total take control over our mental health. And for sure, you’ve done a lot of cooking since it’s not allowed to go out sometimes to eat at a restaurant.

The rest of the world went crazy overcooking during the pandemic, and here’s why people find it therapeutic until now.

It’s a way to get to know yourself

With everyone staying at home, time seems to be longer than normal. Imagine waking up in the same bed every day, seeing the same things, and doing the same routine. Cooking has been a fun thing to do for most people who stay at home. In fact, it’s an activity that allows some to discover more about themselves, which isn’t just discovering the process of cooking but finding out new unique recipes that they can use forever.

Chef Cedric Okiorina, a known personality in the food industry, shared how he recreated his home cooking experience. He said in an interview that he experimented with a variety of recipes from Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East. His recipes included vegan-friendly food, halal-certified dishes, and keto-friendly ones. Chef Cedric Okiorina is a home-grown chef. Having the opportunity to stay at home amidst the pandemic allowed him to discover more recipes that eventually lead to more learning and experience.

It helps you connect to your community

Despite the pandemic happening and affecting the whole world, people still find a way to connect to each other. Thanks to the internet, joining a community of home cooks is just a tap away. Cooking has been therapeutic in the new normal as it drives more people to connect to their community. Last year, a lot of Facebook groups were created to put home cooks together and share their recipes online. With freedom on Facebook, anyone can ask, post, connect, or share their home-cooking experience. It’s truly engaging, and you can’t deny that engaging in your community lessens the stress of being quarantined.

It’s cheap!

Let’s not forget that cooking at home has always been the cheapest option. In the new normal, you choose to cook your own food rather than ordering it from a restaurant for safety purposes. It helps you save more money, which means that you have more budget to spend on things other than food. For most people, saving money is a good thing. And since home-cooking is becoming a trend now, more homeowners are finding it easier to budget their finances. If this isn’t something that saves you from the stress of budgeting, what else is?

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