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According to Peninsula reports, another four people have died due to COVID-19

Four men from Clallam County lost their lives due to COVID-19 complications. Their deaths raised the number of deceased in the area to sixty-four and that of the North Olympic Peninsula to eight-one.

Two men, one in his sixties and another in his eighties, had not gotten vaccinated. The other two were vaccinated but had underlying medical problems. One was in his seventies and the other one in his nineties.

The breakdown of the deaths highlights two essential things:

  • Unvaccinated people are in danger.
  • Older people are more at risk even if they are fully vaccinated.

To ensure everyone remains safe, every person should get vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccine cannot keep older adults safe on its own. Other people need to do their part to lower the risk of infecting them. There is more information online in articles written by some of the best essay writer and even bloggers on how to ensure safety.

One of the men that died was a care facility resident. He was looking after infected patients, and five of them have passed on up to now.

Another care facility in the county is getting investigated. Four cases have gotten confirmed so far.

Jefferson County

In Jefferson County, there were no new deaths. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there have been seventeen deaths.

As per the recent stats from the health sector, 80.5% of the people above twelve years in the Jefferson region have begun vaccinations. In addition, 76.8% of them got all jabs.

Of the overall number of people, 74% have started vaccination, and 70.7% are fully vaccinated.

Clallam County

74.8% of the people above twelve years old have begun vaccinations. 70.1% of them are fully vaccinated.

Of the overall population, 66.5% have started vaccinations, with 62.3% being fully vaccinated.

Kids’ Vaccine

The people in charge of COVID-19 vaccines recommended Pfizer for children between five and eleven years. But, first, the director of the body has to sign off. Then, the Western region advisory team must also approve it before being administered in the Washington area.

The children’s vaccine approval will get announced later, and the clinics will commence.

The Peninsula health officials may have sufficient pediatric doses in one week.

Every county’s plans for children’s vaccination events will get announced after the last two approvals.

Current Number of COVID-19 Positive Cases

On Tuesday, there were seventeen new cases in Clallam County, increasing to four thousand nine hundred and thirty-one.

There were five new positive people in Jefferson County, increasing to one thousand one hundred and sixty-nine.

Clallam County has had three hundred and seventeen COVID-19 cases per one hundred thousand population for the last fourteen days as of Tuesday. The figure did not change from what it was last week.

The case rate in Jefferson County went down slightly to 250.78 per one hundred thousand for the fourteen days prior, as of 27th October. Earlier, the rate was 253.92 per one hundred thousand for the fourteen days earlier, as of 20th October.

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