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Why Bloggers Need to Use Mobile Apps

The definition of blogging is very diverse today. Some people will use a blog simply as a creative outlet, others will use their blog as a tool to promote their business. No matter what a blog is used for, everyone wants to get as many people too that blog as possible.


Encouraging blog traffic is an art that many people struggle to master every single day. Though different methods will work for each blog, most people can agree that mobile apps can play a huge role in blogging success. Here are some reasons why bloggers need to use mobile apps.

Developing a mobile app is the perfect complement to a great blog

A new trend that a lot of bloggers are getting into is creating their own mobile app. Even though this may seem like a stretch, especially to the bloggers who just use their blog as a hobby, it is becoming one of the best ways to promote and draw attention to a blog. Many bloggers find that in promoting an iPhone app, they are reaching a wider variety of people and getting fast attention to their site.

Mobile apps can help break a writer’s block funk

Writer’s block is something that every creative professional knows all too well. It is a debilitating issue that no one wants to deal with for long. There are a lot of apps that can help any blogger find new creative inspiration and get out of their funk much faster.

Adding multi-media to a post is easier with mobile apps

Blog posts that just consist of content are boring to readers today. Instead, blog writers know that they need to also include pictures or videos to draw people into their posts. There are a lot of mobile apps today that make adding those things into a blog post much easier and more instantaneous. Bloggers could take a picture with their phone and add it to a blog post with a few simple swipes.

Apps can help bloggers remember what they wanted to write about

There are a lot of moments when a person will think of the perfect topic or idea to write about, but have nowhere to write it down, so they forget about it and the idea is lost forever. This is an issue that should never happen to any blogger. Mobile note taking apps allow people to jot down their ideas wherever they are and come back to them when it’s time to write a blog post.

Mobile apps can make sharing blog posts fast and easy

Social media is a key tool for sharing blog posts. Every blogger today will not only use social media to share their posts, but will also sometimes have separate social media accounts for their blogs. Using social media apps can help bloggers share their information easily. Some apps will even allow people to set up automatic sharing through social media, so they do not even have to think about it.

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