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How Important are Reviews to Reception of Your App?

Once your app has hit the stores, its success is taken somewhat out of your hands. In the development stage, you have full creative control over the style and function of your app. However, once it is in the public domain, it is subject to the opinion and preferences of the end user.

User reviews are an integral part of all modern online businesses. They can essentially make or break a product or service, with even one bad review enough to significantly impact sales. Apps are no different, the reviews left by users will influence potential customers about their decision to download your app. This is why many choose to use services like to secure some vital positive reviews. Let’s take a look in more detail.

How do Reviews Work?

It’s important to understand how review systems for apps work. Only then can you work to implement them into your overall business strategy. After a user downloads an app from an online platform such as the App Store or the Google Play Store, they will be offered the chance to leave a review. This could be a simple rating of between one and five stars, or a more detailed written review containing more information.

The key part here is the fact that these reviews will be visible to all other users on that digital store. Your app’s reviews are displayed clearly on its download page, both the good and the bad. This means that any potential customer checking out your app will be able to read user reviews before they decide whether or not to download it. This is an incredibly important factor that must be considered by all app developers.

Chart Rankings

Online app stores collate apps into lists and charts. First of all, this is to simplify the browsing process for users and allows them to explore the platform more efficiently. While customers have the option of scrolling all the way down these lists, they tend to only focus on apps higher up in the charts and take their pick from there.

So, how do these platforms place apps in the charts? It’s not through basic alphabetical or numerical means, but in fact through a complex system ranking algorithm that is significantly influenced by user reviews. If your app has lots of good reviews and a high star rating, it is more likely to be ranked higher in the charts and will see more traffic and more downloads.

Conversely, if your app receives poor reviews from users, it will be pushed down the list. This will limit its exposure to new users and could see it fade into obscurity.


Ensuring your app is successful is a complicated process that involves a lot of industry knowledge and expertise. User reviews are absolutely crucial and can be the defining factor that determines how well your app performs. Not only will they influence customers and motivate them to download your app, but they will also decide where your app ranks in the charts.

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