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What Makes Sharepoint Ideal for Document Management?

There are many reasons why companies need a dedicated document management system, especially in today’s highly digital world. First, there is the fact that it is environment-friendly since it allows you to do away with using paper-based documents across the organization. The other and equally important reason is that organizations typically deal with countless records every day, and efficiently managing so many records is impossible without software especially meant to do just that. Imagine if you had to store, manage, retrieve a physical file every single time you needed to access a document. Now, given the growing demand for document management systems, there are, of course, plenty of options to choose from. And yet, SharePoint is widely accepted as the leading choice.

That kind of popularity is not unfounded though; SharePoint, Microsoft’s document management system, goes beyond its job description and enables several other tangential features and functionalities, including intranet, collaboration, and more. And over the years, the offering has evolved significantly, translating into considerable gains for the end-users. And to further make sense in the context of corporates and appeal to the executives charged with such decisions, Microsoft SharePoint also offers impressive scalability. And then there is also the fact that it is highly customizable, which means no matter the organization and its requirements, SharePoint will work for them. But let’s take a deep dive into its other advantages to help you understand why it is such a crowd favorite.

  1. Storage: Just because they are digital documents doesn’t mean that you don’t need storage space for them. SharePoint takes care of that as well; of course, the platform offers plenty of storage capacity options to suit the unique requirements of a variety of organizations. It makes it easier to not only store documents but also back-up data.
  2. Compliance with regulations: Most countries have strict rules when it comes to documents and data stored online. And for companies in sectors such as healthcare, the standards are far more stringent. SharePoint ensures compliance with such regulations via things like scheduling, automated workflows, templates, and more. All these features make it easier to comply with the requisite rules and also have documentation to verify compliance with such laws and regulations.
  3. Advanced search features: Just being able to store documents isn’t where the story with materials ends in an organization. One must also be able to retrieve them with ease when the need so arises, isn’t it? To that end, SharePoint helps make sure that users are quickly able to find documents by enabling them to search based on the file name, content, metadata, and more. Each document is also assigned a unique ID, which can also be used to look up the report in the database.

The discussion amply demonstrates why using SharePoint as a document management system is a good idea for any business. But be sure to get a clear understanding of your requirements and objectives to make a sound choice regarding the many options SharePoint has to offer.

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