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Top Reasons why Government Agencies must use SharePoint

Government agencies all over the world are crucial to the functioning of the countries they serve. Also, since we live in a highly digital world, it means their presence on the internet is not merely expected but needed. Unfortunately, more often than not, the portals for access to such agencies usually have a tarnished reputation; some of the biggest gripes people have with them is that they are not only difficult to use but also navigate through.

However, considering the purpose they serve, it goes without saying that the digital resources government agencies offer to citizens must be up to the mark in every aspect and not just usability. To achieve that, they need a robust resource upon which they can base their portals. Sure, the market may have many such offerings that claim to help in this context, but nothing has garnered the reputation for being as reliable as SharePoint.

Let’s see what makes SharePoint such an excellent tool for not only businesses but also SharePoint.

User-friendly: SharePoint helps create portals that are not only visually appealing but are also effortless to use. It is this tool’s excellent functionality that not only local but also national government agencies worldwide can leverage it to their benefit.

Cost-efficient: Budget is an essential consideration for not only businesses but also government agencies. Also, considering the Office 365 suite along with SharePoint Online is highly affordable in the larger scheme of things, it isn’t surprising to see it enjoy such popularity. So if the agency doesn’t need the combination above, they also have the option to choose just SharePoint.

Security: We don’t have to elaborate on this, for saying safety is essential for government agencies would be redundant. To that end, SharePoint comes loaded with multiple security features, including malware scanning for content uploaded to document libraries and ability to grant network access to only specific IP addresses or sharing privileges for a pre-decided set of people.

Third-party integration: It is not unusual to realize that the standard features SharePoint comes with are unable to meet the agency’s requirements. More often than not, this means that one must integrate third-party apps or functionalities to tend to their demands. Thankfully, SharePoint is quite conducive for integration, thus allowing government agencies to leverage not only SharePoint features, such as workflows, document management, enterprise search, intranets, and more, as well as GRP (government resource planning) functionalities.

Automated data processing: Since the amounts of data involved in the functioning of government agencies are massive; they need a reliable data processing tool. SharePoint’s optical recognition software helps in this regard by not only automatically scanning images uploaded to document libraries but can also identify geolocation data and add meta tags.

These are only a handful of reasons how government agencies stand to benefit by availing SharePoint development services. However, that’s not all there is to it and how it can help different agencies and government sectors across the globe transform their operations.

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