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5 Reasons to become a Web Developer

There are plenty of reasons to become a Web Developer but for now, we will try and focus on some of the main reasons why you should focus on starting a career as a Web Developer.

It’s not merely about the income, there are many other aspects to this profession as well, and here are 5 of those:

1. The opportunities are endless:

Web development is indeed a high-demand profession. Being creative and analytical can lead anyone-capable to a strong position in Front-end or Back-end Web development, but the opportunities don’t end there.

These skills are easily transferable, and hence the opportunities are endless. For instance, a Front-end web developer can easily become a UX developer for Android apps. Similarly, a back-end developer can effortlessly become a smart-home developer. Plenty more Jobs are attainable with web development skills. One can easily pivot to another task if he/she has the basic designing abilities.

From another viewpoint, the possibilities of working from home or as a freelancer are certain. Freelancers who are expert in web development earn a ton while working comfortably from their home. 

2. Web Development isn’t boring:

The profession in itself is highly dynamic & creative. Maybe it requires a little bit more brain, but in the end, it’s exciting.

Most of the developers who were asked to rate for the Payscale Statistics rated Web development a full 5/5 in terms of Job Satisfaction. Web development satisfies an individual’s needs because of it entirely an individual’s job. That means one can show his/her hidden talent without any obstacle. 

Additionally, the ‘work from home’/freelancing freedom in the field makes it overwhelming. This job will always force you to use your mind and creativity, and the more you train your mind, the more creative you get.

3. The income is plentiful:

An average Web Developer makes an average of $58,000 per annum, which can go up to 42% more for an experienced web developer, according to Payscale. An experienced web developer makes more than $85,000 a year on average. For freelance web developers, an average of $60-$80 per hour is standard. This salary is due to the lack of expertise among the web developers in the market right now. 

Moreover, if the web developer is extraordinary with his expertise, the sky’s the limit for income opportunities. 

Apart from the salary, there are other perks such as bonuses, profit sharing, commissions, and insurances as well.

In short, web development is one of the few fields which has both earning and excitement.

4. No one’s alone. Ever!

Except for some individuals who despise talking with others, this is a big YES to choose Web development as a career. 

Web developers work in an extremely functional like-minded team with the same goal, which makes it more exciting and less boring. Teamwork and other spirits are valuable lessons that one can learn while working as a web development team. 

Additionally, many online communities will always be at the fingertips. Meaning, whenever in doubt, millions of developers around the world are ready to help you in need.

5. Anyone can learn it:

Some things never go out of fashion and web development is one of them. It never goes out of demand because it is the era of internet and almost everyone needs a website for their business or brand. The main benefit you get after learning web development if the job opportunities. There is a critical shortage of web developers in the market right now. Learning it and becoming one if not a hard job if you want to achieve your goals

If a person has the raw ingredients, i.e., Critical thinking, Creative abilities, and analytical skills, this discipline is easily teachable as well as learnable.

One can easily learn this discipline from online courses and a bit of practice at any age and time. Or, if a student is aspiring to become a web developer, Universities and Colleges provide Web Development courses too. And there are plenty of online web development courses to get things started.

All in all, given the money one can earn in the profession, the satisfaction one can get, the opportunities one can create for themselves, and much more makes Web Development a practical & a wise career to pursue.

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Hey, I am Tanmay Jain, I currently live in Bangalore, India. I am a content writer, blogger, and growth hacker by profession. I enjoy writing in various niches including technology, business, comparisons, and many other niches of mine interest. Other than blogging and writing I play football, cricket, and volleyball though I'm not very sporty. I am studying MBA and want to pursue my career as a Digital marketer in the future. I believe that technology can be reached out to a group of people only if it is marketed properly with a realistic goal.

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