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What is the Best Crypto for Swing Trading?

There are numerous ways to earn from encrypted coins. You might have heard about long-term investing in digital coins, staking them, or earning them as a reward. Swing trading is one more good option. From this beginners’ guide, you can learn that this style is common not only for the crypto market. However, today we are going to focus on this specific segment and discover the best cryptocurrency.

Before we start, you should take into account that even if you are a beginner, you can earn from this trading method with the best crypto asset. This approach can be profitable for traders of different levels if they are able to choose the appropriate strategies and follow them completely. So, without further interruptions, let’s get down to business.

Getting started

If you tried to learn about financial activities, you should have noticed that there are time frames when the markets go up and when they move downwards. As a trader, you need to predict these potential fluctuations, spot them, and take appropriate actions. The other word for fluctuations in the asset’s price that take place within short periods of several days or weeks is “swings”.

If you deal with fluctuations for very short periods, you are a day trader. When following this agenda, you make several trades within a single day. Swing trading is longer but not the longest style, as you might be aware of specific features of position trading.

Swing trading in the crypto market works the same way as in other markets. The main difference is that fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrencies within several days might be much more extreme than in the forex market. That’s why, in order to succeed with this method in crypto, you have to utilize different technical tools and conduct result-oriented analyses.


We are aware of several basic factors that make us think this method is the best:

  • Swing trading isn’t as time-consuming as day trading. When you are a day trader, you have to be completely involved as trades are open and closed within a day. In swing trading, positions stay open for longer periods, which is why you aren’t required to be in the process all the time.
  • This style isn’t as stressful and difficult from a psychological point of view. Day trading is very intensive, which makes it stressful as well. If you are prone to stress, consider swing strategies. Moreover, after choosing this style, you will have the possibility to set stop-loss orders, which will reduce not only the level of your anxiety but financial risks as well.
  • Swing trading isn’t as complicated as day or long-term position trading. You don’t need to study the fundamentals of cryptos. Additionally, there are a big number of useful technical solutions helping such traders become successful sooner.
  • This style is safer than long-term holding. Because swing traders work within shorter periods, they don’t need to make such big investments as long-term cryptocurrency holders. Potential gains are also lower but stability matters a lot more for many traders.

Which asset to choose

Let’s answer the main issue in this article. Now that you are aware of what swing trading is in crypto and why it’s profitable for you, we can discuss the best crypto product for this approach. Obviously, the crypto market is quite complex, so we cannot say that one particular coin is good only for this style. However, based on the characteristics of assets appropriate for swing trading, we can find which product is really good.

It’s believed that Bitcoin is almost a perfect cryptocurrency for swing traders. The biggest reason for this is that BTC is the strongest coin. This means that it has the best liquidity and volumes. Since BTC is a cryptocurrency, we cannot deny its extreme volatility compared to stocks or commodities. This is also a good factor for swing traders as Bitcoin can make really impressive breakouts within periods of several days or weeks. Based on these features, we can estimate that the second-biggest coin Ether is also good for swing trading. Even though we recommend these two assets, you can consider other altcoins. The thing you need to know is how to do this profitably.

Successful swing traders utilize two types of charts – four-hour and daily charts. Weekly charts are also quite efficient for this style if you prefer holding positions open for several weeks.

Final thought

To sum it up, we believe that Bitcoin is the best crypto for swing trading. This method is beneficial if you build the right strategy and apply efficient widgets. Whether you like swing trading in crypto or not, always keep in mind that risks will never fade out from the world of trading. Be committed to research and analyses to make the most of your effort.

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