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The Reality Behind Crypto Trading: What are these Pump and Dump Groups?

Cryptos have seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past several years. Investors and speculators have become extremely wealthy due to the value of various digital currencies. Despite this, the crypto markets are plagued with scams, including pumping up prices and dumping them.

These channels entice new investors who are not paying attention to the promise of a rapid return through incremental but consistent growth in the value of their investment. According to crypto pump and dump, group reviews posted at, they usually walk away from these investors with nothing, or worse, they wind up losing money due to scams and other failed investments.

Based on Safetrading experts, this article will deeply dissect the phenomena known as crypto pump and dump groups. Today you’ll learn how to recognize them to avoid becoming entangled. Let’s get started…

What exactly does “Pump and Dump” mean?

Groups that engage in pump-and-dump activities are called pump-and-dump groups. The value of a particular coin can be artificially inflated by employing pump-and-dump tactics. The asset’s value immediately plummets as soon as the promotion is done. These channels will most likely provide information about an upcoming blockchain project. They will then utilize social media to spread the word about the initiative, which will significantly increase the number of new followers.

After that, another group will create pump groups on Telegram. In most cases, these services will have thousands of members each and advertise a single coin at a time. Afterward, the group members will bombard the chat with inquiries on the price of the crypto and the project itself. The initiative’s and cryptocurrency’s value will continue rising as more individuals sign up for the chat and ask questions.

Why do con artists use groups that pump and dump their victims’ money?

Con artists use pump and dump groups for a few different purposes. One reason is that it’s easy and quick money. Investors with a moderate level of knowledge might make fast money with the help of pump-and-dump organizations.

This is because participants do not require a working knowledge of the ins and outs of cryptocurrency trading to take part. Scammers can also utilize pump-and-dump platforms to launder money stolen from their victims. Swindlers can swiftly move on to another scheme after using this method to steal money from several people, “pump and dump” a project and then move on to another plan.

The Risks Involved in Investing in Pump and Dump Groups

Now that we’ve covered the positive aspects of pump and dump groups let’s look at the crucial downsides:

  • Fraudsters and marketing hype: The initial issue that needs your attention is the fuss. The members of pump and dump groups are all hyped up.
  • Phony Profiles and Identity Theft: Always examine the fake profiles and identity theft associated with pump groups.
  • Buying and Selling: Another questionable activity commonly associated with pump groups is the rapid buying and selling of cryptocurrency.

Trading Groups vs. Pump and Dump Groups

Trading groups and pump and dump groups are frequently mistaken for one another. Trading channels are services that meet to debate and share advice regarding various aspects of trading.

The pump and dump groups are distinct from one another. They are a form of social media hype campaign that relies on social media to hype the worth of a particular cryptocurrency. These campaigns are run to drive up interest in cryptocurrency.

What Action Should You Take if You Find Yourself in a Pump and Dump Situation?

You should abstain from participating if you find yourself in a group that engages in pumping and dumping. It’s astonishing how many individuals are taken in by pump-and-dump groups. However, this may appear to be basic sense. Don’t freak out if you find yourself in a group that engages in pumping and dumping.

Maintain your composure and go in this order:

  1. First and foremost, you must remind yourself not to freak out by telling yourself, “don’t panic.”
  2. Keep Your Cool: The second thing on your list of things to do is to keep your cool.
  3. Make Notes: The third step you need to take is to make notes on what’s happening.
  4. Notify Law Enforcement of Fraudsters: The final step is to notify law authorities about the scammers.

The Final Words

Profits may be made rapidly and easily with pump and dump operations. On the other hand, they come with a significant danger of being defrauded, being tricked by bogus profiles, and having one’s identity stolen.

Don’t freak out if you find yourself in a group that engages in pumping and dumping. Keep in mind that the purpose of these groups is to induce fear in their members. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep a level head and document everything that takes place. This will assist you in maintaining your safety.

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