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Using Email Marketing to Build Customer Trust

Many businesses use email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. Emails can be a very effective way of promoting your products and services, as well as building strong relationships with customers and prospects.


Here are different types of emails that can help win the trust and loyalty of your followers:

  1. The welcome email

This is the first email subscribers receive when they sign up on your list. The welcome email is therefore crucial for establishing a good relationship with your customer. You need to ensure that this email is engaging, compelling as well as friendly. Your welcome email should:

  • Welcome subscribers to your community
  • Briefly explain what your business is about
  • State your main mission or values
  • Tell subscribers what they should expect to receive
  • Mention how often emails will be sent
  • Thank them again for subscribing to your list

Your welcome email could look something like this:

“Welcome to Medical Website Academy, a community of medical experts.

Medical Website Academy helps medical practitioners market themselves effectively. Our resources will show you how you can improve your business through strategic marketing.

Over the next month, you will receive a series of emails titled ‘How to Enhance Your Practice Using Social Media’. These emails will be sent to you on Mondays each week. On Thursdays, you will receive a bumper newsletter with information, links and resources about different medical marketing topics.

Thank you once again for joining us. We hope you will find the series of emails helpful.”

When you tell subscribers what they should expect from you, be sure to keep your word. This will enable you to earn their trust and loyalty.

  1. The autoresponder series

Autoresponder services such as Aweber and MailChimp allow you to create a series of emails and send to subscribers at fixed time intervals. You can share different kinds of information through an autoresponder series:

  • A series of checklists, articles or lessons which will leave your customers more informed about your products and services
  • Updates about the recent developments in your industry
  • Follow up emails after customers have purchased an item. This could show them how to make the most of the product or encourage them to buy something else

The content of your autoresponder series should be determined by the current needs of your customers. When you meet their expectations, they will be looking forward to your next email.

  1. The special offer email

These are emails which give information about exclusive invitations and discounts. To make your subscribers feel special, let them know that they are the only ones getting this offer. Here are some ideas for special offers:

  • An exclusive invitation to a high-profile event
  • A special coupon code or discount
  • Exclusive access to a new service or product that is not yet in the market

However, don’t make the mistake of bombarding your list with such offers. This will only end up putting off your customers and prospects.

  1. The check-in email

Once in a while, it would be advisable to send your subscribers a ‘check-in’ email. In this email, you could:

  • Appreciate them again for joining your community
  • Ask them if they have found your emails helpful
  • Encourage them to share any suggestions or questions they have
  • Send them short online survey to get their feedback

Be sure to respond promptly to any feedback received from prospects and customers.

Written By

Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger who likes sharing tips about internet marketing and ecommerce. Currently, he is writing for Medical Website Academy.

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