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Unknown Tricks For Building Lucrative iPhone Apps

As far as the smartphone market is concerned, Apple’s iPhone leave no stone unturned to achieve the top position in the market. Undeniably, the device has got huge success, and most of the people across the world prefer to purchase iPhone due to its enormous applications.


Beside iPhone users, the device has also caught the attention of all the developers, who are playing in the iOS app development industry. They are striving hard to build the most successful and lucrative iPhone apps for their users.

However, it is true that developing lucrative iPhone apps is often a challenging task. To make matters easy, I have shared 6 unknown tricks for developing iPhone applications that are lucrative yet feature-rich:

1# Try to Hunt For a Niche or an Up-going Trend

When you kick off your first project of developing an application, make sure that you use all the accessible information on the Internet. You can check what is selling at the current moment like what’s in demand. You should open iTunes and check what types of applications are trending and see each category in the top 100 list.

Now, after evaluating different types of applications, make difference between an over-saturated market and an opportunity market. Fart, a first application, made a huge amount of money, the second was a huge hit, but fart apps were a trend for a very long time, which finally Apple started rejecting them into the App store.

Moreover, you can check out what’s selling and if you are feeling that still there is some $ for yet another application of the kind, go forward and take a next step. Apart from this, you can also see that if you can develop something that is not obtainable in the market, it will be more appreciated.

2# Serving to the UI Guideline of The Platform

To make your iPhone app more lucrative, you should try to address the UI requirements and guidelines of the platform with an exceptional user experience. It is important that you know the platform more and more and read its guidelines before you indulge in the development project.

You can try to comprehend the platform’s behaviour and visual aspects very closely and know how to manoeuvre your core functionality for iOS platform.

3# More Profit Is Not Correlate to More Work

If you have decided to develop an iPhone 3d racing game, you would already find a big market for such games, but do you know that there is a lot of $ to be made by delivering a high-end one.

The problem is 3d racing game includes a lot of work, but a professional programmer is not afraid of it, right? You should keep it in mind that the more work you put in your product does not mean that you will earn more profit.

By developing such hard-working apps, you are directly competing with companies like Gameloft and more. Therefore, you should know your competitors and make sure that they do not have huge advantages on you in terms of sales. Try to get real $ value of your hours that you are spending in your product to develop.

4# Give A Right Name

For most of the developers, the toughest task is to give an eye-catchy and practical name to the application. They need to give a unique name to it that specifies what the application is all about.

Do a lot of research and search everything that you have in your mind. You will know that there is a range of gauche titles and names of the app, so you should also think hard. Do not consider a focus group with your friends as there is no unique invention has been made by focusing on the group.

Instead of asking your friends, you better consult your wife/husband as important ones will be in general more supportive and slate your ideas if they find it bad.

5# Focus on a Business Model Before Undertaking Any Work

It is also important that you focus on a business model before you indulge yourself in designing an icon, coding or writing application descriptions. Concentrate on a business model like for whom you are developing this app?

What is the main aim of this app? How is this application going to help people? How would it help in improving people’s life? Answers of these questions can help you to generate better profit from your applications.

6# Turn Your Visitor Into a Customer Within 2 Seconds

Did you know that most visitors on your iTunes page or your app website made their mind about purchasing your app or not in first 2 seconds? Maybe they are spending longer time on your website – even browsing around testimonials, but they will not change their mind after their first decision.

In rare cases, they are changing their first decision, so you remember that the icon and app name are the most valuable marketing assets for you. These are the things that they are going to see on your iTunes page or website.

If these two things are not selling your application, it’s almost over for you. If you will highlight all the wonderful features of your app, but people are not only reading the text of your app. Therefore, try to make their mind within 2 seconds to purchase your app!


Ensure that you follow these simple yet effective tips if you want to make your application as lucrative as possible. These tips and tricks will surely work for you to earn your desired revenue from your app.
In case, if you are finding it difficult to make an iPhone app that generate huge profit, get in touch with us as we have an experienced iPhone app developers’ team, who excels in developing incredible apps to meet your needs.

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Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits. It specializes in app development for various industry verticals. Shahid likes to be busy with his team and to provide top-notch mobility solutions to enterprises and startups.

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