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Types of Dog Aggression and Ways to Handle Them

Aggressive dogs are not easy to manage! While some are slicker about their aggressiveness, some dogs have a classic telltale sign of violent behavior.

Dogs become aggressive due to many reasons, including fearfulness and possessiveness. However, most of the time it’s the owners who don’t train their dogs properly.

No matter what the reason is, aggression in the dog is a serious and dangerous problem. If your dog is grappling, biting or snapping things, chances are that he is becoming the victim of anger and aggression.

So, how will you identify this behaviour?

Dog’s mostly use body language to explain everything, keep an eye on that!

You might notice a sudden rise in their feathers, tightly closed mouth, stretched lips and teeth and controlled mouth muscles. You may also notice your pet giving contestant and angry looks.

Some of the most common signs of the dog aggression are:

  • Lunging forward to the person with no contact
  • Muzzle punch
  • Threatening guttural bark
  • Becoming still and rigid
  • Showing teeth (snarling) or biting to harm
  • Bites causing puncture wounds

Classification of Aggression in Dogs

Dog aggression can be classified in different ways, the below-mentioned will help you gauge which one is in your canine:

Defensive aggression:

Dogs usually don’t allow intruders to enter their area. If anyone, who is not the part of their pack or is unknown to them, enters their territory, they attack and pull-off the person. Some dogs bark or charge at people to show their defensive behaviour.

However, with proper training, you can keep them calm and make them learn good things. Otherwise, you perhaps end up juggling with dog lawsuits like my family dealing with a dog bite attorney in West Covina.

Protective Aggression:     

Some pets or species are quite protective and social toward their owner. When they know that their family member or friend is in the problem, they come forward to protect them. Although the behavior looks quite appealing at first and you would feel loved, it can become problematic if the pet starts threatening everybody.

Possessive Behavior:

Some dogs become aggressive if someone touches their possessions. They react angrily if anybody approaches their food bowl, resting spots, and touches their accessories.

Aggression Due to Fear:

The dog showing defensive behavior is a sign that he is having a fear of something. In this behavior, they’ll try to defend themselves from the things that are scaring them, be it a person or other animal. Fear aggressions are also gazed by rapid bites, scratching or instant nips.

If your pet is becoming aggressive, have a look at the steps you can follow to stop them:

  • Determine what is making them aggressive
  • Refrain situations that are evoking their aggressive behavior
  • Create a plan to manage their aggression like teaching him new behavior, giving him treats and praises
  • Be patient and consistent, don’t yell or hit him
  • As your veterinarian or call a professional if the problem becomes serious

If a dog is showing aggressive behavior, it doesn’t mean that he is a bad dog; there might be reasons for it. Find them and treat them, after all, your pooch is your best friend.

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