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How to Stop Your Dog from Unnecessary Barking

Dogs are man’s best friend. Apart from being a good company when needed, they also provide some level of security. Their barking can serve as an alarm in case of intrusion and can help during herding. Dogs do not just bark out of defiance or spite; it is their way of communication and also a way of letting out emotions. It may bark out of frustrations or because it is excited. There are also dogs that simply enjoy barking and look for the slightest excuse to do so. Getting your dog to stop unwarranted barking is easy.  Different techniques and devices could help your dog control its barking. In the market, options range from disciplinary collars to dog silencers. An ultrasonic dog bark control device is the best non-invasive option as it won’t harm your pet in any way and will provide effective results. You should, however, seek professional help if you suspect the incessant barking is due to fear or aggression.

Here are a few suggestions on how to stop your dog from unwanted barking;

Stop using rewards as a distraction

If let’s say you give your dog treats to distract it from barking whenever the doorbell rings, he learns that barking gets him a reward and will always continue to do it. Find other ways of distracting it whenever an occurrence that triggers their barking happens.

Reward quietness

There are situations you can use to teach your dog that quietness pays. For example, if they want to be taken for a walk. Teach your dog to stay quiet. However, punishing the dog for barking may agitate it more and end up counterproductive. There are also situations in which ignoring your dog’s barking only worsens the situation.

Focus on the cause of the barking

If your dog barks at people, restrict his access to the outside world. Close the blinds to his kennel or put in a corner where he cannot see visitors. Pet sites like your pet land recommend getting to the cause of it barking.

Get it used to the cause of its barking

Let your dog get accustomed to what makes it bark. If it barks at visitors, let it get used to other people apart from family members. However, this is only advisable if you are not keeping the dog as a pet and not for security purposes. Getting your guests not to show fear or run away when the dog barks can also help.

Distract him

Get your dog to perform a different task immediately it starts barking. Interrupt the dog without scaring it, and ask it to do an alternative task such as sitting down. It will stop your dog from barking.

Don’t bark along

When your dog is barking unnecessarily, and you yell at it to stop, to it it looks like you are barking along and feels encouraged. Lead by example and stay calm when trying to get it off the barking.

Keep the dog active

If your dog usually barks out of boredom, that is, for no reason at all, then make sure you always keep it physically active. This makes it too tired to bark just for the sake of it. Long walks and chasing balls always work the trick.

However, always evaluate the situation to determine whether the barking is justified. Do not try to stop the barking just because it interferes with your lazy nap. The dog might keep quiet even in situations where barking could have helped.

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