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Nassau’s Best Restaurants

You’ve decided you’re going to spend your vacation in Nassau, and you’ve already taken a look at the list of Nassau vacation rentals and decided where you’re going to stay, but have you decided where you’re going to eat?

Eating out is something most people love to do when they’re on vacation, simply because it feels like a real treat, and you have the chance to sample dishes that may not be on offer elsewhere. But where are the best places to eat in Nassau, and where can you find them? We’re going to take a look at this now:

Crabs and Ting

Found at Junkanoo beach Crabs and Ting is one of the best places to grab a bite to eat. Serving seafood, drinks and more, this food shack sells freshly baked food such as conch balls, and crab and shrimp balls. You can eat your freshly cooked meal at the tables outside the shack, or take them away with you so you can find a quiet spot on the beach. Either way, chances are you’ll be back for more!

Cafe Matisse

If you would like nothing more than to enjoy a spot of fine dining, you should think about heading to Cafe Matisse, which is situated in Bank Lane and offers you the chance to dine out in style. The food served here is exquisite, and the menu is quite impressive, serving vegetarian and vegan meals in addition to traditional dishes. The service at this restaurant is second to none, and your visit here is likely to be one of the highlights of your vacation. While the prices can be quite high, you certainly get what you pay for, and you also have the chance to dine inside and get a bit of privacy, or dine outside, and make the most of the glorious weather.

Bahamian Cookin’ Restaurant and Bar

If you are looking to try some authentic local dishes, you need to make your way to Bahamian Cookin’ Restaurant and Bar. Found at Downtown Trinity Place, just off Market Street, this is the place to be. Serving lunch and dinner, and offering an impressive menu, if you want to dine on freshly caught seafood and eat somewhere that has a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll be in the right place. The portions at this restaurant are not small, so you may want to arrive hungry. If you’re thirsty, why not grab a drink from the bar? There is plenty on offer, and there’s something for everyone.

Andros The Fish Fry

Found in Arawak Cay, and the perfect place to dine if you want a spot of casual dining mixed with really good food, Andros The Fish Fry is well worth a visit. You will spot this place a mile off thanks to the yellow and red signs that adorn the eatery, and you’ll be glad you did. This place is well-known for its impressive menu, and large portions. Sit inside at tables that make you feel like you’re in an old English pub, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more. If you love nothing more than freshly cooked fish dishes, this is the place to be.

You may also wish to know that you can grab a few Chinese dishes here too, along with some drinks, burgers, and much more. There really is a lot of food on offer at Andros, and it’s definitely worth at least one visit while you’re in Nassau.

The Pepper Pot

If you thought there would be a lot of great places to dine in Nassau, you would be right. One of the best places to dine is The Pepper Pot, not just because of its very tasty menu, but also because of its price. The Pepper Pot is thought to be one of the cheapest places to eat in Nassau, and while it may be cheap, the quality of the food is not compromised. Styled as a Jamaican restaurant and juice bar, The Pepper Pot serves some great dishes, and the jerk chicken happens to be a must-try dish.

Located in Downtown Freeport between George and Market, sit down at one of the blue tables, and be prepared to eat a lot! The servers here are very friendly, and the food is simply divine, no matter what you order. If you’re looking for a cheap eat, this is the place to be.

Euro-Tandoor Restaurant

Found at 6 Charbay Plaza, Charlotte North Street, the Euro-Tandoor Restaurant is a really good place to eat. The red interior and the dark wood seats remind you that you’re on vacation somewhere tropical, and the friendly atmosphere will help you to relax. Enjoy sampling some traditional Indian dishes that are cooked to order, and elegantly served. Make sure you arrive with something of an appetite as the portions are quite large.

Although this restaurant is quite small, it is very welcoming, and you are offered water upon your arrival. If there’s an empty seat or two available, we suggest that you grab them as this place can get quite busy. If you want to dine on nothing more than an Indian dish, and you want it to be freshly served in a friendly restaurant, this is the place to be.

Nassau is crammed full of exciting and interesting places to eat, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the above restaurants are second to none, and will only serve to make your time in Nassau even better!

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