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The Ultimate Buying Guide for a LOL Account

If you are new to League of Legends and need a well-equipped level 30 League of Legends account, sometimes our best bet is to simply buy a smurf LoL account.

If you are new to League of Legends and need a well-equipped level 30 League of Legends account, sometimes our best bet is to simply buy a smurf LoL account.

Careful though, because there are many vendors who promise to sell the real deal but fail to live up to expectations. It isn’t uncommon for buyers to receive an account that is either prone to get banned or simply isn’t accessible. Sometimes sellers give away credentials that seem to work just fine at first, only to get banned a few days later. Then there is the very real concern of stolen accounts that could land buyers in trouble.

So how can someone relatively new to smurf accounts buy an LoL account that works reliably? One dead giveaway that the LoL account you’re buying is probably fake is the lack of any warranties. Rule number one of buying an LoL account is to always get some kind of buyer-protection.

In hindsight, it makes sense for shady vendors to not offer a warranty. Why would they protect an account if they know for sure that it will get banned?

But in case you decide to buy LoL accounts from someplace else, use the guide below to tell apart authentic accounts from fake ones.

1. Look for Online Reviews

Any business that has been operational for a few years and has sold thousands of accounts to clients will have a growing list of reviews on independent websites such as Trust Pilot and Scam Advisor. Make sure to check out online reviews on these websites since they cannot be controlled by companies or scammers.

Look out for genuine reviews because it is insanely easy to write positive reviews. A genuine reviewer will also have written reviews for other companies. If you detect that a reviewer’s account has been set up recently just to write a single positive review, you’re looking at a red flag. We cannot stress enough the importance of checking feedback from various sources to verify if the website or seller is indeed trustworthy.

2. Only Buy Accounts against Lifetime Warranty

One of the biggest signs that a vendor is probably too good to be true is the lack of any kind of warranty. It goes without saying that some LoL accounts will get detected by servers and get perma-banned. It is the vendor’s responsibility to sell authentic LoL accounts, the least they can do is to refund the money or provide a backup account when something goes wrong.

When a vendor refuses to give warranties, they usually know the fate of the account: it’s going to get banned.

A reputable vendor will always offer a lifetime warranty with their LoL smurf accounts, this basically means your transaction is safe forever!

3) The Website Offers Different Modes of Payment

Reputable websites usually incorporate many payment methods including credit cards, cryptocurrency, PayPal, and sometimes, even gift cards. These different payment methods exist to simplify the buying process and make it more accessible for gamers from all walks of life. Not everyone feels comfortable giving away their credit card details online and would rather use their PayPal account.

It is easy to ask for refunds if the purchase was made through credit card or PayPal. Scammers recognize this and shy away from safe and secure payment methods, preferring to use something more covert such as cryptocurrency or gift cards to minimize the risk of refunds.

4) The Vendor Has a Long History of Business

Reputable sellers with a stellar reputation of dong honest business plan on staying around for the long haul. They don’t use guerilla tactics to abandon a business once its cover is blown (by compiling lots of bad reviews). They stick to one website where they build a steady reputation over the years and have sold to thousands of happy clients.

It is naïve to trust websites or vendors who just popped into existence a few days ago. Ideal websites and vendors have been in business for at least 3 to 4 years. Accent Warehouse has been selling smurf LoL accounts to happy customers without any issues for over 10 years now and still going strong.

5) The Sales Team is Helpful

One of the cornerstones of a legitimate business is providing good customer service, and that requires a helpful sales team. These professionals will be more than happy to offer guidance free of charge. Whether this includes giving information about account credentials or answering a specific question, the customer rep team helps the customer navigate out of troubling issues.

An honest and reputable business will respond to emails within hours. They also offer live chat services to let you instantly get connected with a customer representative. Account Warehouse offers live chat facility where you can send and receive messages instantly.

6) Strong Social Media Presence

Any legitimate website will have a strong presence on social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. The business must be fairly active on these platforms and provide updates to their followers with new posts and content. You can reach Account Warehouse via both Facebook and Twitter.

A presence on social media allows customers to critique a business’s performance without any filters in place.

If you are ready to buy LoL accounts, hop on over to our website for more information. You can buy level 30 LoL accounts for sale on Account Warehouse complete with a lifetime warranty.

All transactions take place over SSL encryption to protects your information. Account Warehouse does all the research on your behalf to verify the authenticity of an LoL account so you get the best deal. If anything goes wrong along the way, you get your money back.

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