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How to Play League of Legends

Making a huge comeback in a League of Legends game is among one of the most euphoric experiences you can have in gaming. It can and does happen.

Not to mention, it feels amazing to make it so far in this way against the odds. Because of how snowballing has become an actual thing, the comebacks will oftentimes slip right through our fingers. What are some reliable strategies in League of Legends to help you win more games with LoL betting?

Tip #1: Try Custom Games CS Practice

Intended for the people who underestimate the value of this advice, many of the MOBA gamers have already made full use out of this strategy. One of the most fundamental skills that you can master is your creep score.

You have probably even seen the graphs that show how the CS of players in the different leagues will depend on this. It will be a clear indicator of what holds you back in the game. You can start practice by loading up a LoL game where you have no bots and no players, and you aim for a minimum of 70 CS within the first 10 minutes of the game.

Tip #2: Seek the Early Ward Advantage

This can mean successfully ganking your enemies and an ally wasting a trip over to your lane for nothing. Either scenario will contribute either negatively or positively, and you want to take actions that will help it to contribute positively. To give an example, let’s say you have rushed Sightstone.

Check to make sure that you have picked up the Sweeping Lens as soon as you drop it for the next time your jungler has rotated. Try to upgrade your trinket as soon as possible, and if you can de-ward your enemy, your chances of a successful gank shoot up.

Tip #3: Specialize in Playing a Champ

You should know the champions that you can play the best because this will be the most efficient use of your time, instead of playing too many champs with a variety of roles. Playing one or two characters will help you to understand their power spoke item builds, their abilities and their limitations.

Tip #4: Understand the Matchups

Understand how certain enemy matchups will give you an advantage, which becomes invaluable information that can determine how you play the game within the first 10 minutes. This will also dictate who gains the advantage early in the game.

For example, if you play as squishy support against enemy support with snare and gap for closer, for example, Morgana and Ezreal, you should remain alert and play more passive than normal.

These are some tips and tricks that can help you with playing League of Legends better than ever before. Another one of the key components of playing a game is good communication with your team.

LoL is the type of game where you have to have good teamwork if you will gank the enemy and win. With these strategies, hopefully, you can add more kills to your score and see a difference in the number of games that you win.

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