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The Best Gadgets for Students 2020/21

Technologies are an integral part of modern people’s lives. In today’s article, we will talk about such useful things as laptops, tablets, PCs and the practicality of using these things in educational activities. We will try to help you and consider the main functional features of each of these technical means and choose what is best suited for students.

Personal Computers

Despite the abundance of new gadgets that can replace the old technology of computers, people do not really do this. And this is not surprising since most people are already attached to this technology. PC has a relatively large size, but in most cases, it has no equal in power and convenience.

Students are often very accustomed to the comfort of using a home computer. There they can choose a monitor of any diagonal, a convenient full-size keyboard, which can also be moved to any place you like. Therefore, there is no hurry to change it to a more mobile tablet or laptop.

But personal computers have a very big minus, and it lies in the lack of the very mobility that laptops and tablets have. You will not be able to bring it to a lecture. Even more, it is very hard to transport it to another city, if you happen to study far from home. Once I went as an abroad student to another country. And since I had my computer which could not be moved, I was searching for a custom service or people who can write my essays. It was really a stressful period for me. Only after a month, I could afford myself a laptop. Therefore, you should think in advance. For these reasons, students began to choose other computer devices for study.


Recently, laptops started replacing personal computers. It happens because having almost all the functionality of standard PCs, they are lighter and more compact. They are not so convenient at classes as tablets, but still, nothing will stop you from carrying them with you. Their main minus is a small battery charge. It especially happens with inexpensive models. Therefore, it may not be enough for all the lectures, and you have to look for a power source. But today with not cheap models this problem gets solved. Now laptops can live up to 8 hours without being charged.

Nevertheless, laptops are not as good as tablets if we talk about college. Laptops still need to be taken out of the bag and opened. Also, you need to wait for the operating system to load, which makes it impossible to start taking notes fast. They are practically useless during practice classes where you need to constantly move and write something at the same time.


And finally, we will talk about tablets. These gadgets have become really popular nowadays in the USA. They are ideal for writing on lectures and taking urgent notes about an essay, abstracts, etc. Being compact and convenient, with a sufficient battery charge for the whole day, it will become your faithful assistant in the walls of the educational institution and during the practice, where it is not so convenient to use a laptop.

But in some aspects, it can never replace a full-fledged personal computer. Editing text files to deal with plagiarism, preparing presentations and spreadsheets online will seem like hard labor to you. The touch keyboard is hardly comparable to a regular one. Also, it is impossible to easily print the necessary documents or notes when they are needed in paper form. And if we talk about cheap models, their battery life is also not that big.


To summarize, I can say that any of the devices described above can be useful in its own way. For someone, it will be enough to have one standard PC. But others will need a complete set of computers and gadgets. It just all depends on your personality. Therefore, you can order any of them if you really like them. However, in all cases, please check the functionality and appropriateness of some functions. Otherwise, you will pay your money in vain and will look for someone who will do the assignments for you.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jared James

    October 29, 2020 at 8:10 am

    personally, I like the usability of the tablet but the laptop makes a couple of heavy loading easy…

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