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7 Gadgets to Help Survive a Long Haul Flight

Organising a long hall flight to the USA can be time-consuming, particularly if there is plenty that needs to be done. Not only do you need to book the flights, but you also need to ensure your passport is up to date and that your USA visa wavier has been applied for in advance. Once this has all been organised, you can then begin to prepare yourself for the long-distance flight to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. In this article, we are going to give you an insight into 7 gadgets that are worth getting before you begin your American adventure.

Foot Rest Hammock

One of the main problems when on a long-haul flight is the amount of room that you have for your feet, particularly if you are travelling in economy. However, this has been resolved with the introduction of the footrest hammock. This smart design can be placed on the seat in front of you to give you the perfect elevation for your feet leaving you comfy throughout the course of your flight.

Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

Another must have on a long-haul flight is noise cancelling headphones. Not only can they be connected to the inflight entertainment for maximum comfort around your ears, but it can also be used to drown out noisy passengers. With a white noise machine or other sleeping apps, you can connect it to the headphones for your very own sleep machine allowing you to drift off for most of the flight.

Handheld Gaming Console

Another essential item for your long-haul flight is a handheld gaming console. Whether this games on your phone a Nintendo console or a PSP you can have hours of fun regardless of the game you are looking to play. This is ideal if you are travelling with smaller siblings or children as you can keep them entertained throughout the flight. Although this will be additional to the inflight entertainment it is still beneficial to have.

Collapsible Water Bottle

If you are someone who drinks water regularly then a collapsible water bottle is the perfect option. This can be stored in your carry on and can be filled up either by a flight attendant or in the bathroom for you to stay hydrated throughout the course of the flight.

Portable Charger

When on a long-haul flight, you will be relying on your personal devices a lot more than normal. Therefore, a portable battery charger is a must when travelling. With chargers that allow you to charge multiple devices at once, this is great for the whole family and can be used throughout the course of the flight. However, there are restrictions placed on these items due to the potential risks and therefore it is advised that you check with your airline before packing.

Laptop With A Long Battery Life

If you are travelling on a long-haul flight for business or you are someone who likes to keep themselves busy, a laptop with long battery life is ideal for this form of trip. Not only can you get work done should you need to, but you can also watch videos or films that you have previously downloaded keeping you entertained the whole time you are in the air.

Neck Pillow

The final must-have item for a long-haul flight is the neck pillow. This simple little device can come equipped with headphones for listening to music as well as a memory foam material helping you to relax and unwind whilst feeling supported through the whole flight. What could be better?

Regardless of whether you are hopping on a flight in the next 6 months or in a year, you can be sure that these simple gadgets will help to make your trip an enjoyable one. Which will you be investing in first?

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