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Spain’s e-Commerce Market has Increased Continuously in the Last Years, and it is Expected to Reach $47.85 Billion by 2027

Spain is one of the key e-commerce markets in Europe and has a visible digital power, with over 95% internet penetration. In this regard, it ranks fifth in the internet penetration rate, being surpassed only by Norway, Iceland, Luxembourg, and Denmark. And although the e-commerce market in Spain didn’t have that much of an expansion like other European countries, it evolved very fast in the last 2-3 years because of rapid urbanisation, smartphones, and the increasing internet use by the population. But the most prominent factor that helped this industry increase is the growing number of online shopping initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic. And the Spanish population seems to enjoy ordering online, as it represents an easier alternative to searching for hours in physical shops. But, as the competition is also bigger in Spain, businesses need to come up with new ideas to retain customers so that they will make more than one purchase. This is why digital marketing in Spain must be considered so companies can grow and attract new clients with the best methods.

How does the e-commerce landscape look in Spain?

The e-commerce market in Spain is valued at €40 billion, which ranks the country in the fourth position among the largest e-commerce markets in Europe. This is because the Spaniards want to be always present, and exactly like they desire to participate in any party, they wish to be informed with the latest news of the market. As Spain is on a rollercoaster that seems to never stop regarding the e-commerce market, businesses need to constantly develop their products and services to satisfy the appetite for digital purchases of the Spanish population. When a company is in the e-commerce market, it is essential to know the local customer behaviours and preferences, which is even more important in Spain as they are very proud of their ethnicity. Plus, creating products that most clients like will be easier if a business knows what customers really want. In this regard, it is good to know that Spaniards buy online daily, and the most popular categories they spend money on are technology, travel, beauty products, entertainment, personal care, home decor, fashion, and food. What are the reasons behind purchasing online? The best market price, easy accessibility, and comfort are factors why the online market has grown so much.

Search engine optimization, the best advantage Spain’s e-commerce market uses?

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of marketing, as with its help, businesses can become more visible in the digital world, grow their organisation and drive traffic to their site. And for the online presence in Spain, SEO services are the key that the e-commerce market uses to reach endless opportunities. Because the Spanish locals seem to have an insatiable thirst for learning new information, as they have more than 3.7 billion online searches per month, this is why these services must be adopted. In this regard, businesses need to know which are the most popular search engines in Spain. And to no one’s surprise, Google is the most used engine that rules the Spanish search for information because of its user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms. Bing and Yahoo are the other alternatives, but fewer people use them. Understanding how search engines work and how they can help a business is vital, as companies can gain insights into what the audience wants.

Also, as the e-commerce market is on the rise in Spain, companies need to embrace new alternatives that will bring them the advantage of reaching a company’s full growth potential. In this way, international SEO is the best strategy to adopt so that a business will make a global impact with its brand and drive organic traffic to websites from several countries. If good strategies are adopted, the digital empire from Spain can be even bigger, which will bring only benefits.

What are the best e-commerce trends in Spain?

Because Spain has high growth in the e-commerce market, some strategies are used by most businesses to give customers a better experience. Spaniards are not as reluctant as some years ago, as they do online shopping at least once per month on average. Still, companies need to represent a trustworthy organisation to make clients finalise their purchases. Confidence can be easily built if information regarding the payment service provider ensures the site is certified, secure, and trusted. Policies for returns, refunds, and exchanges are also another reason that makes the Spaniards want to make purchases as if these characteristics are present, they will be more likely not to fear that something bad will happen. The pricing strategy is also important, as the Spanish population loves to find bargains and special offers. Promotions, free products, and unbelievable deals are something that Spanish consumers can’t miss, even if they don’t need the things they buy.

Also, another aspect that needs to be considered if businesses sell to Spanish people is the language, which must be in their own native one. This will benefit locals from Spain and people from other places, especially in Central America, as Spanish is one of the most spoken languages worldwide. Companies could also try to make some special offers and promotions when Spain has the most important holidays, as people are happier in that period and will be more likely to purchase something, especially if it is a not-to-miss deal.

However, as the competition is bigger in the Spanish field, organisations need to develop ideas to keep the customers interested in their products or services and reach new clients. In this regard, they can seek help from digital marketing agencies, like Seeders, to ensure the best strategies are adopted so that a company will grow in the best possible way.

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