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Smartwatch Superiority: How The Apple Watch Made Other Companies Improve

When Apple does things, they do them well. Since its inception, the Cupertino company has been leading the way in the world of computers and gadgets and taking its crown as the true innovator in all things tech. From the desktop to the tablet, the laptop to the smartphone, other companies, and tech competitors often look to see what Apple is doing next and use this as a benchmark for what their hardware should be like and how their software should perform. Aesthetics, functionality, and style are all integrated carefully into every Apple release.

One of the leading products over the past few years has been the Apple Watch, the only piece of tech that does not present with the ‘i’ prefix. Since its first release in 2015, this is a smartwatch that has led the way and set the standard. Even though it was revolutionary at the time, it has now become part of a more competitive field across the global tech arena. Samsung, Casio, and Lenovo are just three of the tech giants that are now well and truly invested in the smartwatch wars, as it were.

Naturally, Apple continues to lead the way in terms of sales and popularity, but this has had another knock-on effect. With the smartwatch market being worth billions each year in global terms, those looking to take on the team from Cupertino have had to up their game as a direct result of what they are up against. As the Apple Watch has evolved, it has pushed others to do the same. From getting a phone call to monitoring heart health, making contactless payments to the ability to get bitcoin cash casino games on your wrist, the functionality of smartwatches never fails to extend, making the competition febrile.

Functionality Followers: Smartwatches Must Do More and More To Compete

Part of the reason why the Apple Watch continues to lead in its market space is the way it always improves in terms of functionality. In part, this is also due to the fact that it seamlessly synchronises with other products from the company, making it a one-stop shop in terms of user interface considerations. That said, loyalty is always a factor, so competitors are facing these challenges by focusing on functionality as well as aesthetics. Naturally, how a smartwatch looks matters, but without superb functional capabilities, this is almost irrelevant.

Certain features are what one would consider standard. These would include making and receiving calls, making contactless payments, monitoring health data, and allowing text and email messages to be viewed, composed, and sent via the wrist, so to speak. Beyond this, one area of importance is the app. When developing an iOS app, the smartwatch version is now just as considered as the tablet or iPhone version, and the market for all Android smartwatch competitors is becoming increasingly focused on this particular functionality and market space.

With every industry from the baking sector to airline companies, hospitality venues to fitness training firms, now developing and constantly evolving smartwatch apps, this is a landscape that is constantly changing. Though the Apple app store has become legendary in terms of how many apps it offers, competitors are not as far behind as they used to be. From Opera to Google, Amazon to F-Droid, there are now more app stores offering more apps than ever. On the development side, developers now see that the quality driven by Apple in the app market is now required across Android too, making it febrile in terms of competition.

Apps Fast Becoming Primary Tool For Mobile Transaction And Interaction

One of the reasons that Apple has concentrated so much on the smartwatch app market is the fact that, at least for many younger generation, tech-savvy users, their watch is becoming one of their primary pieces of tech. Users want a watch that is made from superb materials, built to last, designed to look good, and a smartwatch that allows them to do everything they could do from a phone, tablet, or desktop. In some ways, this is not quite possible, but it is getting closer.

Ultimately, it is once again Apple that is leading the smartwatch market as the Apple Watch continues to offer users the chance to conduct more and more communication, banking, social, and app-based interaction than ever before, meaning they need to reach for their other devices less and less. From chatting to friends to paying for dinner, smartwatch apps are fast becoming more sophisticated, and users now expect and perhaps demand the ability to use their smartwatch for everything.

As we look to conclude this discussion, it is hard to deny that Apple is not only the leader in the smartwatch market, it is undeniably the company that its competitors not only want to emulate but to challenge in terms of market share. One thing is certain, the tech industry is such a money-making machine that however many companies such as Apple may top the league in terms of popularity, those who are in the same sector will never stop trying to evolve and improve their products and in part this is thanks to this overall Apple supremacy.

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