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Slow Performance of Lotus Notes and Efficient Methods to Overcome It

The slow performance of any useful application is not only annoying, but also hampers your productivity, and if such situation occurs with your email client like Lotus Notes, then situation becomes troublesome. It is not a rare problem with Lotus Notes users instead, many times; the users of this effective email client come across such issues. The most prominent cause responsible for the slow performance of Lotus Notes is corruption of Notes Storage Facility (NSF) file that is stored on Lotus Domino Server.

The corruption or damage in NSF files occurs due to any of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Several documents in the database and the views in the database are referring to all these documents.
  • Large number of views in a database.
  • Complex column or view selection formulas included in a view.
  • View selection formulas and column formulas have time functions. Some examples of time functions are: @Now, @Today, etc.
  • Rapid refreshing of view index or indexing of full text in large database.
  • Compact, Fixup, and Updall –r command can cause corruption in the database files, if they run at the time when a user is trying to open or manipulate the database or its contents.
  • The database is containing large attachments.
  • If you have many unique fields in the table or large number of UNique Key Table (UNK Table) is another cause responsible for creating damage in NSF file.
  • Inappropriate programming or coding of custom applications.

Mentioned above are common causes responsible for the damage or corruption of NSF files. You can try the below methods for troubleshooting such issues:

  • Try to reduce the number of the documents in the database this may improve its performance.
  • Reducing the number of views in the database is another method for improving its performance.
  • Remove complex columns and view selection formulas.
  • Delete the formulas that have time function, such as formulas with @Time function.
  • Create a very simple view that points small subset of documents and that does not have any column formulas.
  • Run Fixup, Updall –r, and Compact –c commands on your database that is in question. These commands are for detecting the corruption.
  • To reduce the frequency of refreshing, change its indexing properties.
  • Decrease down the amount of Private or Private on First Use views, which are stored on the Server. Moreover, removal of unnecessary duplicates of personal versions of these folders and views can improve the performance of your database.

If none of the above mentioned methods are able to fix your problem, then you need to use a professional Lotus Notes recovery software. Professional tool for this category repairs damaged or corrupt NSF files and restores all Lotus Notes objects. Most of the efficient tools recover emails, attachments, JAVA applets, contacts, attachments, and OLE objects. Some tools show the preview of recoverable objects before saving them to user specified locations. Various reliable tools also create the log report of entire recovery process and enable users to understand the recovery process later at any stage.

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  1. Adam Foster

    March 15, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Most of these issues are can be spotted and fixed in a matter of minutes by an experienced notes developer. Send your ibm lotus notes design to me for a free evaluation and list of ways we can fix it.

  2. Aayna

    March 18, 2013 at 8:14 am

    The slow performance actually irritates me to a great extent. Thanks for the simple yet effective tips for overcoming the problem.

  3. Fatima

    March 21, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    We use Lotus notes at our office and it really gets frustrating to use at times. Thanks for sharing the helpful tips.

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