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How to Fix Lotus Notes RRV Bucket Corruption Error

Lotus Notes is mostly liked by the professionals for emailing purpose. Apart from it’s authenticity it gives some kind of errors like rrv bucket corrupt issue. In this blog you will get to know everything about this error and its solution.

Lotus Notes is one of the best groupware developed by IBM. It is generally used for all the local and collaborative server applications like a calendar, emails, web and a personal information manager. The Lotus Notes is a mailing platform that fulfills the needs of email communication with the great efficiency.

The application lets you work both online and offline. Additionally, it also maintains all data items in the Lotus Notes database with the .nsf file extension.

Lotus Notes store all of its data information in the NSF (Notes Storage Facility) file format. However, there are numerous reasons, which are responsible for its corruption. In this article, we are going to investigate specific types of issues like RRV Bucket Corrupt error and some effective solutions to eliminate such troublesome problem.

What is RRV Bucket?

RRV Bucket means (Record Relocation vector). It works as a helpful guide that locates a specific data such as notes or object identifiers in the lotus notes database. But when RRV Bucket gets corrupted then lotus notes will no longer be able to access the specified data.

Main Reasons for corruption of NSF File

There are numerous possible reasons, which are responsible for showing error in Lotus Notes. These are:

  • Hardware failure
  • Corruption of NSF file header
  • Improper system shutdown
  • Internal problems with the Operating System
  • Incompatible with any installed application
  • Damaged or corrupt RRV Bucket
  • Virus or malware attack

Amongst all of the reasons mentioned above for corruption, the RRV Bucket Error is considered as one of the most specific error. Now let’s see how to fix it.

How to Resolve Lotus Notes RRV Bucket Corruption Error

For fixing RRV Bucket error generally, two methods are used (1) Manual method and (2) Professional third-party tool. Let’s see and understand the manual method first and then the other.

Manual method

For resolving such type of error we use two manual approach

  1. Repair Corrupt Database
  2. Rebuild a new Archived Database

Approach 1: Repair Corrupt Database

By Following the steps given below you can easily fix the corrupt database:

  1. By opening the command prompt you can Change the directory to your Lotus Notes.
  2. Then press the command – nfixup.exe X:/<name-and-location-of-the>.nsf *
  3. Click on the Enter -ncompact.exe X:/<name-and-file location-of-the>.nsf **
  4. Enter this; nupdall –r X:/<name-and-location-of-the>.nsf***

*This command helps in doing a general scan of your NSF file and will also help in fixing it when the files are corrupted.

**This command will compress all the NSF file.

***This command will reconstruct all the index of NSF files.

Approach 2: Rebuild a New Archived Database

  • Press on the option of File >> Database >> Properties. Suppose you are using the Lotus note 8 version, then tick on the File >> Applications >> Properties)
  • Tick on the  “i” button
  • You will see the Disk Space clearly that helps you in determining the exact space that is used currently  by the Lotus Notes data
  • After this, you can easily change the required setting of archive
  • Now, start your mail application
  • Press on open mail settings, then click on Actions >> Archive >> Settings
  • Then, go to the options list to check the Default setting for final change option
  • Finally, press on OK button and then apply the Criteria

Professional third-party tool

After using the above manual method if you feel that it is not going to solve your RRV Bucket Corruption Error issue then you can go for a professional third-party tool like Lotus Notes to PST Outlook Converter.


There are a number of possible reasons responsible for the corruption of Lotus Notes database. In this article, we have exclusively explored one of such errors; RRV Bucket Corruption Error, which is not known to many Lotus Notes users. Further, we have also suggested few approaches through which you can resolve this error.

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