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Most Sought-After HTML5 Tools Used In Revamping Websites

Experts believe that technology is going to play vital role in the future development of cross platform mobile applications by overcoming the fragmentation issues that the industry is struggling with so far This will lead to the rapid growth of technology by increasing the demand among developers’€™ as well as the users.


However, with the increasing need of HTML5 technology in the market, all brands and retailers need to review their mobile policies for cross platform solutions as it enables web designers’€™ to use cleaner and neater codes. Mobile manufacturers also have to consider certain parameters during their development so that it can easily and effectively accommodate HTML5-driven applications and websites.

As all Web development resources€, HTML5 also has plugins that give designers and developers an opportunity to display their creativity in developing websites. Some of the important ones are as follows.

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a popular modern front-end UI development framework. It’s feature-packed and will have most of the things you’ll need for developing responsive sites and apps. Bootstrap is well-documented, and this open-source project has plenty of coverage in blogs and tutorial sites. This responsive Web Design tool lays an approach to website design that enables a website to dynamically adjust to multiple screen sizes.


Built on ZURB’s Foundation, it has 14 years of experience at building sites and apps for the Web. It is built with Sass, a powerful CSS preprocessor, which allows us to much more quickly develop Foundation itself, as well as sites built with it. You can use the Sass or straight CSS version of Foundation.

This framework is a trusted resource.


Lungo.js is the first mobile framework that uses the actual features of HTML5. It designs and makes applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOs. It is designed such that it takes advantages of the features of current mobile devices and hence is most sought after by web designers as well as web owners.


Gridless is an opinionated HTML5 CSS3 boilerplate for making mobile first responsive, cross-browser websites with beautiful typography. It allows developers to use CSS normalization, beautiful typography, a well organized folder structure


ReposiveAeon is a HTML5/CSS3-powered framework for creating responsive layouts very quickly. It is a popular framework sought by most of the developers and has a grid system that offers a very easy to understand usage.

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With 6+ years experience in Internet Marketing, Mr. Vaishal Patel has an outstanding hold in on page and off page activities. To reach his professional goals he uses W3C Validation, Webmaster, SEM Rush, Google Advert Tool and Splunk. He is interested in Blog reading as well as Book reading."

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jane

    October 29, 2013 at 12:48 am

    HTML5 is a hot topic in the web design arena these days. All big companies are changing their coding to adapt to HTML5. Thanks for sharing these nice tools. In particular, I find Gridless to be promising. I’ll check it out.

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