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One Page Websites: Passing Fad or New Standard for Web Design?

One-Page Website designs have become increasingly popular due to clutter-free layouts. But is this trend going to last long? Learn about the downsides too.

Whether you’re a small business looking for website design services to set up a new site or an industry giant who’s tempted to try the latest web design trends, you must have come across one-page web design layouts. With a wide range of benefits, one-page websites have gained immense popularity in recent years, and many businesses are keen to try them out.

But among the already existing two billion websites globally, do single-page websites work? Or is it a fast-growing trend that will soon fade out as marketers weigh in the numerous downsides of one-page web design?

In this blog today, we answer that all.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, web design enthusiast, or a student, take a look at this blog to find out how viable one-page websites are and whether they will work for your business or not.

What is a One-Page Website?

Unlike a traditional multi-page web design that allows large and small businesses to set up multiple pages on a website, one page follows a single-page approach. The users visiting one-page websites can scroll from top to bottom of the one-page layout, where different sections are divided by subheaders.

In recent years, one-page website designs have become very popular among businesses as well as professional web design services. Below, we’ll look at the reasons why one-page websites are so much these days.

Pros of One-Page Website

If you’re contemplating hiring a website design company to design a one-page website, then here are some benefits that will prompt you to do so.

Simple and Minimalist Design

In this era where minimalism is driving a website’s success, one-page websites conveniently fit the criteria. Businesses that seek to establish their reputation as modern and sophisticated enterprises opt for one-page websites for their minimalist approach.

Intuitive And User-Friendly Layout

Because one-page websites have clutter-free and seamlessly organized information, it allows users to enjoy an intuitive and friendly layout. The user can scroll through the website without any distractions and easily take the desired conversion action.

Great for Younger Audiences

Youngsters are the biggest users of the internet. Websites that seek to cater to millennials and Gen Z opt for one-page web design as they are potentially more likable among the younger lot.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Single-page websites are great for mobile devices. These websites have a responsive web design that works best in a long-form and horizontal structure, thus allowing mobile users to easily navigate through the website.

More Organized Information

One-page websites have subheads dividing different sections on a single page. This allows businesses to organize information strategically and avoid unnecessary clutter that may damage the aesthetic appeal of the website.

Faster Loading Time

Loading time is one of the biggest priorities of all website developers and marketers. One-page websites tend to have a faster loading speed due to lesser load on the backend and fewer links that need to send a response.

Easier to Develop and Maintain

Not just the users, developers also love to develop one-page websites. And if you’re a small business that wants to create and maintain a website on a limited budget, one-page websites can do the job for you!

Convenient to Track Conversion

It may be difficult for you to track conversion on a multi-page website owing to various distractions that make users leave the site. However, with a one-page web design, you have better control over the user’s behavior as they navigate the site from start to finish. This allows you to drive the buyer’s journey conveniently and improve the conversion rate.

Hassle-Free Navigation

If there’s one thing we love about one-page website design, it’s the seamless navigation. Users can enjoy a seamless experience, avoid all distractions, and conveniently scroll through a simple layout.

Higher Focus On Quality

Instead of focusing on numerous web pages and their quality, the one-page website allows you to focus on a single page’s quality. This translates into a better and more robust website for a business.

Narrative Building Tool for the Brand

One-page websites are great for businesses that have single or fewer products to sell and a story to tell. You can hire a website design company to create a one-page website that acts as your business’s storytelling platform to create brand awareness.

Downsides of One-Page Websites

However, despite the vast number of advantages, here are some downsides of one-page websites.

May Give Loading Speed Trouble

Remember, we mentioned earlier that a one-page web design has a faster loading speed. But what if, in the attempt to make your one-page responsive web design, you overload it with video, text, and image content? What if this negatively affects your loading speed, thus damaging your website’s ranking?

Difficulty in Scaling

Because one-page websites have only limited space, you can only add so much information. This can be a long-term drawback for businesses that wish to scale their content on their website.

Lack of Information

Naturally, one-page websites have lesser information than multi-page websites. So if you’re a business with various categories, a multitude of products, and a lot of information to share with your audience, a one-page web design will not work for you.

Inability to Identify Bounce Rate Problems

If a page is performing poorly on a multi-page website, you can easily track and rectify your bounce rate problems. But in one-page websites, it’s hard to figure out what went wrong and prompted your users to immediately bounce back after visiting your website.

Bad For SEO Ranking

Although Google has widely improved its page indexing capabilities in recent years, it’s still not as good for one-page web designs as it’s for multi-page websites. This is why professional web design services consider one-page websites bad for Google page indexing and SEO ranking.

Limited Keyword Targeting

Once again, the limited space and content available on a one-page web design make it difficult for marketers to conduct extensive keyword targeting. In most cases, one-page web designs have very limited keyword targeting that poorly affects SEO efforts.

May Not Work For You!

Responsive web design may be your top priority when making a one-page website, but it may not necessarily work for you. Businesses that have a vast product range, an audience that wants more information, and a competitive industry should not opt for one-page website designs.

One-Page vs. Multi-Page Web Design, Who’s the Winner?

Choosing between a one-page web design and a multi-page website design is not a tough call. You must conduct an in-depth analysis of your business’s digital marketing needs to figure out if this latest web design trend works for you.

You can also consult expert website design companies, particularly those with specialized web design services for small businesses, to know your options. One-page websites are great, but only if they fully cater to your business’s needs.

Written By

Joseph Dyson is a small business internet marketing expert at Search Berg, an award winning digital marketing firm that specializes in white label link building services, content marketing and data-driven white-hat SEO. As an online marketing and SEO aficionado, he regularly shares his thoughts and opinions on popular online publications.

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