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Make Your Brand Hop the Instagram Train by Integrating it in Web Design

Instagram is an overwhelmingly popular social networking application that has an enormously massive audience throughout the world. There are several business tools available on Instagram that you can utilize to maximize the profit of your venture. The e-commerce industry is booming, and a lot of new entrants are coming into the picture. Similar to Instagram, a lot of other applications have initiated the incorporation of e-business into their platforms.

Below are some ways you can integrate web design and Instagram to achieve great wonders:

Embedding the Feed

The fundamental method of integration of Instagram and web design is to embed a feed. In other words, it means to combine pictures, gifs, videos, and other related content into a post on social media. Remember to make this integration unified, so that it will attract a lot of customers. One way of doing so is to give your page a theme and work according to your subject. Tie-up your topic with your current products and web design colors, for better visualization. If your page has all types of content, it will be difficult for customers to view the data, and this can result in a loss of potential customers. Make sure you post as per your theme since people tend to have a sharper inclination towards cohesive businesses.

In addition to that, Instagram metrics get updated continuously. With the advent of stories and IGTV on Instagram, people are focused on developing blogs and vlogs that can influence people. One area of utmost importance is a personal lifestyle. If your product is related to fitness, diet, or any other similar item, you can invest your capabilities in funding vlogs and blogs of celebrities and models. This will not only increase the traffic on your website but, in the long run, gain you, loyal customers.

Instagram and Hashtags

In the modern world, hashtags seem to rule the social media world. You can develop specific hashtags for your brands and advertise it with your current and past clients. In this digital era, word-of-mouth and evangelist advertising can aid you to soar higher levels of success. The hyperactive nature of hashtags facilitates expanding the target audience. Also, request your customers to provide you feedbacks using hashtags on their posts and stories on Instagram. As a result, always remember that the key to gaining customers is the involvement of customers, even after sales. Moreover, you can buy 50 likes on Instagram with the help of several companies that offer such services, to increase traffic on your page.

Incorporate Newer Techniques for Display

A concise page on Instagram, focusing on your products or services, can generate an entire webpage without the addition of extra content. For instance, choose a lookbook style for the display of your offerings on your website. Also, you can add a hyperlink which, when clicked, can take you to the desired brand. In such a way, it integrates web design and Instagram for a smooth and subtle promotion.

Another illustration of thinking out of the box is that you can work towards developing a display style that possesses all the information from your website. The viewer can scroll down the Instagram page, and it will see the display of a modified version of the website. However, this is not a full-proof idea, as the viewer cannot click on the desired logo. Nonetheless, it can mean that in the future, with changing Instagram algorithms, you might not necessarily need a website to promote your product.

Your Website Can Look Like Instagram

Analyze your target demographic and design your website according to the same. If your target audience is under thirty years of age, go for an Instagram look for your website. Incorporate posts similar to Instagram that are easy to read and access. People under the age of thirty are the most active users on social media applications. There are plentiful ways that you can use for the integration process, namely, badges, sharing of media, links, or even sharing whole pages of Instagram content.

Limitation of Clickable Links

Instagram constitutes a few limitations that businesses face while promoting their brands. Instagram offers a minimal number of clickable links. It elucidates the impression that the display of your Instagram page might be fantastic, but owing to no clickable links, the viewer will not be able to access the website of your brand.

Instagram for business is the latest trend, and if you can merge Instagram and web designing, your business can gain you unseen profits. Incorporate the factors mentioned above into your business and be ready to see the change in the traffic of viewers. If you follow these tips, you can build a sales pipeline and convert the visitors into your clients. Once you get adapted to the process and methodology, you can easily convert your double taps into dollars.

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