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Foolproof Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers and Boost Engagement

Instagram is a social network where people follow others who they find engaging, creative and valuable. If you want to establish a strong online presence then you need to have a large following base on social media.

Instagram is a social network where people follow others who they find engaging, creative and valuable. If you want to establish a strong online presence then you need to have a large following base on social media. You can gain utmost influence in the business world. The bigger following count makes you the authentic source of information and you will be accepted as a front-runner of Instagram. Instagram always find ways like its parent company Facebook to make it harder for brand /businesses to get their content seen by the majority of people. But there are plenty of strategies to get Instagram followers and increase your post engagement. Here we will discuss a few fool proof strategies to achieve the same.

Why Instagram followers are important?

People are likely to trust more what you say when you have a strong fan base. Your thoughts are expected to appreciate higher than those with the less following count. If you want to stand out from the crowd then gain more followers on your Instagram account.

Strategies to get Instagram Followers

As you know, a big following base is necessary to make you alive in this game of marketing. But what should be your growth strategy when you are going to gaining more followers? The following tips will give you the answer to your question.

Create a good mix of different posts:

Try to frequently change things up on your Instagram profile. Don’t post the same thing every day because users will lose their interest very soon. Try to create a healthy mix of images with diverse subjects from candid clicks to behind the scene shots and to images promoting your brand. Post videos, quirky GIF, Instagram stories and of curse Live videos. Plan your content strategy according to the social media calendar and get engaged your followers with your exciting posts.

Always engage:

There is no better way than engaging your followers through your content. If you want that more people visit your profile and follow you then use this trick. You can engage them to post creative and unusual content, reply to other people’s comment or repost the best clips on your profile. In fact, this strategy does wonder on all social media.

Follow relevant users:

Don’t wait for others to follow you, you can find relevant users and follow them. To get the ball rolling, find popular accounts that are relevant to your industry and go through their followers and start following some interesting people. Then like and comment on their post or share their content to get engage with them. People will likely to follow you back in this way. In other hand, you can get real active Instagram followers from sites like, instaboostgram, buzziod, idigic etc.

Use your analytics:

Growth strategy always based on the results and you can change it. Use your analytics to see the results against your post and find which post gets the more likes and more engagement. You can also find out when your followers are online and who engage with your post the most and many more. Just keep in mind there is no better study and tool than your own Instagram analytics. So, optimize your growth strategy using this stats and get Instagram followers.

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