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Internet Messaging Devices

The Internet has been an important medium of communication these past few years. Majority of Internet users use it for communicating with other people everywhere in the world. Internet communication started with online bulletin boards, forums, and then came email and online chat. After sometime, Internet connection around the world picked up speed, enabling the use of Internet voice calls and video calls. Years ago, personal computers and laptops were the only devices capable of connecting to the Internet. Internet back then was only available through wired connections. Communication using the Internet back then was limited to just the home and office.

With the development of wireless Internet networks and faster mobile phones that are capable of connecting to it, communication using the Internet reached a higher level. Furthermore, with the advent of faster smartphones and netbooks (smaller laptops), connection to the Internet has never been easier. Now everyone can connect to the Internet almost everywhere as long as there are available connections, like in airports, cafes, malls, parks, and other public places. Even without WiFi, network service providers also provide Internet connectivity via 3G/4G. As long as you are under your network’s coverage area, you can also connect to the Internet. Along with these advancements in the portability and accessibility of devices connected to the Internet, messaging using the same medium also developed. Certain applications can now use these devices to utilize the Internet and enable instant communication to other people across the globe. Here are some of the great ways you can enjoy and fully utilize Internet-capable devices for messaging.

Online chat and instant messaging

Online chat and sending instant messages has been an important way of using the Internet for communication purposes. First off all, it is fast. Just type in the message and send it to your intended receiver and you’re done.  Some of the famous social networking sites use this feature because of its importance in our modern day world. People from all walks of life can now communicate using chat on the Internet. This is also the simplest of all the communication methods using the Internet. You only need your keyboard and mouse along with your PC to send and receive messages.

Internet calls

Voice calls using the Internet became possible because of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. VoIP is one of the latest communication technologies that utilize the Internet for local or international calls. A VoIP provider develops a suitable application that can be installed on either a computer or mobile phone for a user to be able to use their services. They are cheaper compared to calls using cellular networks because there are no physical network facilities to be used. The only thing you have to worry about is your Internet service provider charges. There is no need to worry about hefty monthly bills from your network service provider anymore.

Video calls and teleconferencing

These features are the most sophisticated in terms of technologies involved because these enable you to see the person you’re calling on the other line. Video calls work the same way as simple Internet calls, but you have to purchase additional devices for your computer in order to fully utilize this feature. You have to install a video camera, microphone, and a set of speakers or headphones to be able to receive and send video calls. Teleconferencing also works the same way, but this enables you to connect to multiple contacts at once.

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  1. Jennifer Richard

    May 20, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Amazing Blog, Today Internet is way of receiving the kind of information. we can chat to any person in any location. we can do video call.

  2. santosh Kumar

    June 15, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Internet give big way for any type of conferencing. we can do at minimal cost in any location. There are no distance between two person.

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