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How to use Wikipedia for Marketing of Your Business

The toughest task for a marketer is to look for the places where they can not only implement their marketing strategies but also get successful results out of them. From all available online platforms, Wikipedia is really doing great in the field of marketing. If you haven’t included Wikipedia marketing in your strategies yet, then you must do it now. There is another option If you want to show your brand on Wikipedia you can hire a wiki page creation company or Freelancer.

Wikipedia will definitely prove out to be an effective method of setting promotions as Wikipedia targets larger figures and give better results. Wikipedia does not fall in categories of social media, news website or directory rather it has its own pathway and method of operation. Wikipedia can help you grow better than any other online platform if utilized properly. Let’s step into the content to find out more.

Access to Wikipedia

If you want to use Wikipedia promotions as your strategy then you need to follow a few steps:

  • First, create a Wikipedia page.
  • Secondly, Wikipedia backlinks
  • Third, keep monitoring the Wikipedia presence of your page
  • And lastly, use Wikipedia sister projects.

How to create a Wikipedia page

Anyone can contribute to its content despite their writing styles as Wikipedia focuses more on the content. You can create a Wikipedia page to get access to the Google knowledge graph. Google knowledge graph helps the pages to show up higher on the results which surely hike the number of audiences. However, it’s important that you create a page which follows the guidelines of websites otherwise Wikipedia might not support your page. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while creating Wikipedia content.

Content: Wikipedia supports and promotes only those pages which have SIGNIFICANT COVERAGE, collected from RELIABLE SOURCES and are INDEPENDENT of the subject. You will qualify for a Wikipedia page only when your content has all the three prongs covered.

Significant coverage defines the depth of coverage of the subject matter. It states that your content must be collected from the reliable sources and must give a brief description of the topic. However, the backlinks and quotes are not considered as support by the Wikipedia. If you want to satisfy Wikipedia notability then make sure that your content provides in-depth information about the topic.

The reliability of any source depends upon its authenticity. The reality about reliability is a bit confusing in the world of Wikipedia as editors are still not able to figure out that what exactly falls into the category of ‘reliability’. Some consider it for the source of information however some consider it for accuracy and fact-checking. To avoid the hustle, make sure that your content is precise and has been collected from the trustworthy sources.

When you create content for any subject, you also describe your thoughts in some way or the other. Your content must not be related to press releases, official websites or self-published. You can qualify the condition of notability only when you are satisfying all the three above mentioned conditions.

Guidelines to keep in mind: apart from the notability factor there are some other points as well which you need to look upon. Wikipedia has its own set of rules for considering the notability of any page and once you are done with creating notable content, you have to trim it according to the guidelines of do’s and don’ts.

There is a whole lot list but some of the most common topics are civility, point of view and conflict of interest. Your content must not objectify or make damage to any other person’s thoughts or emotions. It should not draw a perspective on any topic so ensure that you are concluding with all the aspects and are not specifying it.

Wikipedia backlinks

Wikipedia backlinks are not so famous yet famous enough to be used as a tool. After the no-follow came in existence, Wikipedia backlinks started losing its weight. Apart from all this, if Wikipedia backlinks are not used properly they can lead you to the situation of citation. It is very important to mention here that you must include backlinks only in the places where there is a demand. These links must be reliable and should not be simply inserted in the section of ‘external links’. However, Wikipedia backlinks aren’t really of your use if compared with their negative and positive effects. Still, if you are thinking to give them a try keep yourself away from citation and adding false links.

Wikipedia presence

Creating a page isn’t enough to grow through Wikipedia as your content can get changed anytime. Yes, you heard right! You already know that Wikipedia is an open source and anyone can have access to the pages and they can also edit your content. This is why it becomes even more important that you keep tracking your Wikipedia presence.

You can turn on the Wikipedia notifications to get the updates of your page but for that, you need to have a Wikipedia account and password. You can prevent others from getting access to your page and can keep your brand safe. Once you turn on the notifications, you get notified for every change that has been made to the page, however, the choice of changing remains to you.

You can also add pages to your watch list to avoid the hustle. You can add a page to your watch list simply by clicking on the star which is located at the top of the article.

Wikipedia sister projects

Google does not collect information from itself rather it fetches information from other reliable sources and Wikipedia is one of them. Wikipedia is not owned by Google rather it is operated by an NGO and they have some other similar projects like Wikipedia which can be used for promotions as well. These projects are Wikimedia, Wiktionary and wiki data (you can research a bit to find more about them).

If you can unfold the levels of operation then you can surely get some visible results from Wikipedia for the purpose of marketing. We can only provide you information the actions and efforts till lie with you.

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