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How To Track Event Marketing ROI?

Conferences for awareness in the kind of business you are into often give you the opportunity to gain new customers. When it comes to initiating event marketing, plenty of factors come into play and possibly all of them pose huge challenges. It goes without saying that the in-person events are kind of getting popular as one of the most fruitful and effective tactics of all. There is no surprise if more than 65% of the marketers today are confidently rating these events as “highly effective”. We believe, once you are a part of it, you are sure to believe and witness the difference it brings to your business and the impact it can have on the market or your customers in the long run.

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A huge list of votes goes in the favour of event management for your business but how do you know it is going to generate the right kind of sales for your business? Are the votes of confidence enough to convince you on the same?

Before you begin, we suggest that it will take only a little extra planning and a good research to make out whether an event can have the much desired impact on your business. The impact should be measured and rated not only in terms of awareness but also in terms of sales.

Here we are, sharing some interesting and useful insights on the ROI and investment for your business.

Tracking results from pre-meeting requisitions

Once you are on the right track, you may receive meeting requests from people as well as companies and it is quite easy to notice why. With the help of conferences, you get to interact with your prospects without any kind of external disturbance so it’s not that the conferences are going to benefit the ones who attend but they are also going to benefit you, as a brand that intends to grow and establish.

It is always good to make best use of these opportunities by associating the leads with a campaign that is event specific. When the opportunities or the leads are associated with the multiple campaigns, it may become little tougher for the businesses to handle the areas to be pondered upon. Very soon, you will be able to make out the impact these conferences had on your business and how well they have performed in terms of revenue.

Create web forms and phone numbers that are event specific

With a mature event marketing programme, you are all set to head up in sales since you already have those event specific pages on your website. You may be making use of the social media to boost your coveted existence and make self noticeable among competitors from the same industry. However, there may be one thing that you are probably missing out and that is setting up the contact channels for targeting the conference attendees in particular. This is one of the most amazing ways to make sure that the leads are attributed to your in-person efforts.

Do make sure that all the messages that have been dedicated to your conference incorporate the call tracking numbers, something that is well associated with the event-specific campaign. You can also focus on setting up the web forms which can be associated with the campaign of the event.

Set goals for giveaways, parties, etc

You must ensure that your promotions and parties must be excellent and memorable enough to pay off. Either you will have to plan to go really hard or you may simply have to go back home but if you are not here to lose, challenges that you will be required to face are myriad. If you invest reasonably and over logical points, you are sure to enjoy the return in the form of attention from the media. You will need to keep in mind that it is always important to make your efforts measurable as things can differ when it comes to sheer lead generation.

The kind of promotion you focus on should add tons to the overall development of your campaign. Well, if you feel that you are really not in the position to do something extraordinary or something extravagant, make sure that your investment comes down to seeking some measurable payoff. You will see the difference it can bring to your lead generation. Go ahead with the right approach in hand and things are surely going to fall in place!

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Chace Monteith is is a business blogger and marketing associate who is presently associated with UK based start-up -

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1 Comment

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