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CPL One Review – Lead Generation Made Easy

The internet provides lots of opportunities for budding and burgeoning online marketers alike, with so many promising advertising networks and platforms to choose from. Tools and strategies are readily available should anyone need them, and online marketing is made more inclusive. For a total beginner, to gain foot at such a highly competitive industry would be a hurdle per se, and the chances of immediately making money are relatively low., which we’re about to cover in this CPL One review, would like them to reconsider.

CPL One is an affiliate marketing platform that seeks to help people, even without an extensive background in digital marketing, create and publish cost-per-lead (CPL) advertising campaigns through a unified software interface, and get paid affiliate commissions on a lead generation basis. In this CPL One review, queries concerning the platform and more will be answered. Let’s dive in!

What Is the CPL One Platform? 

CPL One is a well-established affiliate marketing platform that allows online marketers, whether experienced or novices, to promote the products and services of multiple well-known brands in various niches and categories. Members are given the option to customize their banner advertising campaigns to suit a particular audience, with CPL One running these ad campaigns on numerous niche-related websites and advertising networks. The concept is quite simple – for every valid lead that your ad campaign generates, a commission is secured. The more qualified leads one obtains, the more money he/she can make.

How Is Advertising Done Through CPL One?

User-friendly and surprisingly straightforward, the platform offers two primary methods for one to begin advertising and hopefully making money. Accompanied by carefully generated directives for easy use, even the most novice marketers would find no difficulty in getting started. Both methods are as follows: ‘Campaign Marketplace‘ and ‘Create Custom.’ Let’s discuss a little bit about both.

Campaign Marketplace 

The ‘Campaign Marketplace‘ feature was created to make the entire process of launching a new ad campaign extremely fast and hassle-free. To access this feature, one must first click on the ‘Buy Campaign’ section located on the personal dashboard.

Members (i.e., marketers) are then given the option to choose any topic that best suits their interest, with the ‘Campaign Marketplace‘ packed with multiple, ready-made banner ad campaigns that house a wide array of industries and categories, such as beauty, entertainment, travel, education, games, to name a few.

To wrap up the process, simply explore the various ads, choose the one that best suits your needs (based on parameters such as CPL rate, budget, campaign duration, etc.), and click on “Purchase.” That’s it; your new ad campaign is now live!

Custom Campaigns

The second method is slightly more complex compared to the former, but easy to do nonetheless. The ‘Custom Campaigns’ feature allows marketers to unbridle their creativity and customize their own ad campaign from scratch using a wide array of tools. Here’s how the process goes:

  1. First, create a name for your new ad campaign and choose its duration (one to five weeks).
  2. Secondly, determine the category and the campaign’s budget.
  3. Next, determine your target audience based on specific targeting options such as location, genres, languages, and even devices you’d like your new ad to run on (mobile, desktop, or tablets).
  4. Moving on, create a captivating headline for your advertisement and a compelling image to accompany it.
  5. Lastly, preview your new ad one last time, save, and launch it. That’s it; you’re good to go!


The platform also offers a variety of packages suitable for all budget levels.


The ‘Starter‘ is a standard-level package that offers a platform walkthrough, one live training session, and a 30% welcome value add-on upon admittance.


The ‘Silver‘ package is quite similar to the ‘Starter’ package, but instead of getting only one live training session, each new member can enjoy up to five live training sessions and the addition of a monthly market review.


The ‘Gold‘ package houses even more gifts, including ten live training sessions, a packed local exposure, a marketing eBook, a monthly market review, and more.

Note that the minimum deposit amount to get started and enjoy all the offerings, in general, is $250.

Bottom Line

Overall, CPL One seems like a great option for budding and even burgeoning online marketers to test their creativity and capabilities, especially in an industry known for its high competition. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, and the process of creating and running banner ad campaigns is straightforward, making it highly-suitable for newbie digital marketers.

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