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How To Skyrocket Your B2B Sales With Influencer Marketing

In earlier times, Influencer Marketing was considered as a great tactic only by B2C industries. The B2B sector believed that this tactic wouldn’t make an impact in our field, as it this can only be used to influence customers and not business organizations.

However, nowadays many B2B companies are also using this tactic and they’ve found a tremendous amount of success as well. When you think about B2B space, sales is undoubtedly the toughest nut to track. The reason being you’re selling your product or services to the person who has thorough technical knowledge about the industry.

Influencer Marketing is not a new thing in marketing horizon. It has been around for a long time, but in recent times, it has become a go-to choice for marketers. The marketing industry has now realized the full potential of this technique, as it’s a great alternative to traditional marketing which can be expensive and inefficient.

So, convincing them to buy your products or services could prove to be very challenging. That’s where the role of Influencer Marketing comes into the picture. In this article, we will cover various techniques of Influencer Marketing by which you can skyrocket your B2B sales.

[1.] Use Influencers To Communicate About Your Products

B2B products can be very compound to understand for the common people and that’s why if any person directly communicates with the audience about their products, they won’t be able to digest. This type of scenario often happens when your product is cutting-edge & not many people know its benefits.

For this type of situations, you can contact influencers. They already have a strong customer base who trust their every word. They also have the skill to tell the story about your products in such a manner that everyone will be eager to buy your products.

So, contact an influencer of your niche and tell him/her to communicate about your products with the audience. This way, your customer base will increase and that creates an opportunity to double up your sales.

[2.] Use Influencers’ Post as A Social Proof

Social Proof can be a great weapon to influence your audience. In other words, if people see that some influencer has written something very positive about your products or services, then he/she will surely think once about purchasing that.

As a B2B Marketing Company if you find out some influencers’ post which has written positive about your products or services, then you should use it as social proof and present it to your audience. When your audience sees that, some influencer of the industry recommends your product; he/she will begin a trust in your products which may influence their purchasing decision.

According to Mary Fernadez, there are mainly 6 types of social proofs:

  • Testimonials or Case Studies of your existing customers
  • Review from credible and esteemed experts in the industry
  • Post from celebrities who’ve used your products
  • Number of people who’ve used your products till date
  • Friends of your website visitors/users
  • Certifications from highly regarded third-party sources

You can use any of these social proofs to prove your authenticity in front of the audience. After reading this type of post, people will start showing interest in your product/services which eventually contributes to your sales.

[3.] Request Influencer to Write Review About Your Products

According to a survey, 89% of the marketers across the globe believe that customer testimonials are one of the most effective content marketing tactics. Reviews and testimonials are key to success for any B2B organization.

Taking this into consideration, you should seriously think about reviewing your products/services by contacting an influencer. Conduct a meeting with an influencer and tell him/her to write an in-depth review of your product. Don’t force them to write a positive review by paying money. Always tell the influencer to write a genuine review.

Once influencer writes review, publish that review on your website and various social media platforms. It will help you to build your brand value among the audience. They will think that, if influencer is saying good things about product then I should give it a try.

This way, you can impact the purchasing decision of the buyers which helps you in generating more sales for the organization.

Case Study on Influencer Marketing

IBM a well-known computer manufacturing company implemented the tactic of Influencer Marketing for IBM Watson’s promotion. IBM Watson is one of the recognizable names in the field of AI. It processes large datasets by using the power of AI to make better business decisions which can help the organization to grow.

Despite being an excellent product, people were not able to recognize its value. The reason being unfamiliarity with this kind of product. IBM was not getting the desired amount of success that it has expected after the launch of IBM Watson.

That’s when they thought about using influencer marketing tactic and decided to partner with Gaurav Gupta a renowned fashion-designer to design a dress using the artificial intelligence which was presented at Vogue Women of the Year Awards. They used IBM Watson’s “Personality Insights” feature which was connected to LED lights to change the color of the dress based on personnel.

This way, IBM was able to showcase the use of Watson to the fashion industry which not only got them the global reorganization but also helped them to boost their sales.

In A Nutshell…

Influencer Marketing is a new age marketing tactic when utilized to its fullest potential by B2B marketers can bring tremendous rewards for the organization.

Here, we have provided you with various ways to implement Influencer Marketing tactic which will assist you in skyrocketing your B2B sales.

I’m sure you will have your opinion on this subject. So, feel free to throw your suggestions or questions in our comment section. Thank you.!

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies @Mobile Application Development Company. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot. A ChatBot Development Company, eSparkbiz has reached to greater heights with his immense contribution. Connect with him on twitter @eSparkBiz.

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