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7 Ways to Find a Credible Instagram Influencer for Your Brand

You’ve probably heard about influencer marketing if you’re on social media. This social media marketing technique involves product placements and endorsements from influencers or people with a huge following base and social influence in a certain niche. It’s beneficial for brands to widen their reach and attract their target audience.

So, if your primary focus is to maximize your brand awareness, it’s wise to take advantage of influencer marketing to get organic Instagram followers. However, finding a credible Instagram influencer for your brand isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know where to get started.

Fortunately, there are countless ways to find a reliable influencer on Instagram, and these include the following:

1. Ask For Recommendations From Your Community

Your followers serve as your ears and eyes in the world of social media. In fact, they likely follow many influencers or brands like yours. For this reason, they can quickly tell you which influencers are perfectly suited for your brand.

Therefore, if you have a massive number of followers, don’t unfollow everyone. Instead, use it to your advantage by putting a question on your Instagram Stories. Asking your followers for an influencer recommendation via Stories won’t only give you suggestions you’ve never considered before. It may also help strengthen your brand’s sense of community.

2. Search For Top Instagram Influencers On Web Search Engines

Aside from searching on Instagram itself, you can run influencer searches on the web. To do this, search for a particular niche on Instagram. For instance, you can type “best influencers on Instagram.” You may also type your keywords with a location if you’re trying to reach a local audience. Often, your searches will provide you with a list of potential influencers you can check out.

Once you have the list, consider running analytics on every influencer to determine their level of engagement and number of followers. Your search engine’s results will help you identify the influencers who can best run your successful campaign if done right.

3. Post A Job Listing

Another way to find a credible Instagram influencer is to post a job listing on your website and other social media accounts. Make sure to provide complete details about what you need. This way, you’ll only get quality applicants who match best with your brand’s needs and goals.

To make a well-informed decision, use your industry knowledge and don’t hesitate to spend time checking your preferred influencers’ backgrounds. Remember, the right influencer will pay off over time and may help you build trust among potential and existing customers.

4. Try Using An Influencer Platform

There are many platforms you can use to find proven influencers in your niche. Some of these may even help you track and measure the influencers’ impact and allow you to pay them through the platform.

Nevertheless, not all influencer platforms are the same, so you need to do your research thoroughly. For example, you can check the platform’s reviews and try its trial version to know more about how it works and how it may help you find the right influencers for your brand.

5. Keep Your Primary Goals In Mind

Don’t choose an Instagram influencer based on its number of followers. There are instances when influencers with a small following base are more effective than those with many followers.

So, be sure to keep your primary goals in mind for better collaboration results before deciding which influencer figures to consider. Ensuring that you’re partnering with influencers who align with your brand and have an excellent engagement rate can make a difference in achieving your goals.

6. Discover More About Who Your Audience Follows

The other way to find a credible Instagram influencer is to know more about who your audience follows. Start by determining the members of your target audience.

These might be:

  • People who follow relevant influencers;
  • Individuals who follow your competitors;
  • User accounts who follow you; and
  • Other brands from your industry.

Then, know who they’re following and identify the influencers you often see on their lists. This may help you determine the best influencers in your niche and which have a valuable audience for your brand’s offerings.

7. Do A Hashtag Search

A hashtag is one of the best ways to find the most reputable Instagram influencer for your brand. By doing a relevant hashtag search, you can easily see the posts that have been shared using a specific hashtag. This may provide you with a list of active influencers in that certain topic area. You may also use hashtags to find relevant content to share on your brand’s Instagram account.

When searching for an Instagram influencer, it’s crucial to consider their followers’ demographics and ensure that their audience is an ideal match for your business. You must also check their content quality and see how engaged their following is.

Bottom Line

The process of finding credible Instagram influencers may seem complicated. Nonetheless, with the right resources and tools, it’ll never be a daunting task. So, be sure to use the ways mentioned above to find the right Instagram influencer for your brand and reach your goals in no time.


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