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How to Make a Video Game: 7 Steps to Develop Your Game

The process of creating video games starts with an idea.  Whether it’s high-budget games or indie games, the first step in developing any game is identifying the great concept that you want to bring to life.  With enough time and patience, anyone can create their own video game.

How to create your own video game

Video game creation is a multi-step process that requires organization, imagination, patience, research, and attention to detail in the video game designing process Whether you’re a designer from a large game studio or working alone on your first game, every game creator follows these steps:

Choosing an idea. Create a small number of game concepts to see what kind of game you want to create.  If this is the first time you develop a game, start small.  Use different genres and see which genres are currently trendy in the media industry or used for your purposes, then write down any video game ideas that come to your mind.  Then start brainstorming, and when done, think about the potential traits and mechanisms of the game on your list.  Think about which of the proposed ideas is the most powerful.

Collection of information. The game creature needs an advanced search.  Find the type of game that you want to build and design.  Even if it is a simple game, the game design document is a synopsis for the whole project containing diagrams of the main details like the game mechanism, storyline genre, and marketing strategy.  All this should answer any questions from the potential audience, which should learn about the game of the high-level concept before it appears.

Choice of visual aesthetic and audio designs. As a game designer, you need to decide which game programming language you will use, how big your development team will be, and what different resources you will use.

Start building. Now from what your searches have brought, you can create the skeleton of your game.  You will need to choose the best programming language to animate the game machine of your concept.  Should not use for small mobile games the same advanced technologies required for games that are more hardware-dependent.  During this stage of development, you can also start writing codes for your game.  Game creators with big budgets often hire a team of programmers to write code to save time.

Review your concept. Game prototypes can help you find inaccuracies and other problems early in the design process.  Addressing these problems as they arise is crucial because they can negatively impact the user experience.  Be sure that your game has all the necessary settings, quests, level of design, characters, and sound effects.  If you are creating an RPG, be sure you can stick to the logic of the storyline and that the motivations of the characters make sense.  Whether you’re developing a platform or adventure game, make sure your world is exciting and explorable.

Test your game. Whether you are testing yourself or by a qualified evaluative tester, every game must be tested thoroughly before its implementation.  A qualified tester will test the game from a technical point of view.  A qualifier testing team will play through the title many times by writing detailed bug reports and taking into account any game breakdowns.  It is a must because a gamer will most likely not play with a title filled with bugs and bugs, even if it’s free, according to,  Kevuru Games

Introduce the finished product to the market. Towards the end of your gameplay, you should start researching the market for how many platforms are available.  Create a website for the game, use social media for advertising, include a game demo website that will allow players to enjoy the game.  When the game is ready for release, offer to buy it at a discount or the free demo download it to the in-game app stores, try to get as many people as possible to take them.

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