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How to Integrate SMS into your Email Marketing Campaigns

Among 7.7 billion people on the planet today, an estimated calculation says 3.5 billion of them use the internet on a regular basis to keep their lives moving. Isn’t it impressive, but originally, 5 billion people are capable of sending and receiving SMS which is also known as texting. This is so because SMS can be integrated for non-smartphones as well.

Around 75 percent of the population doesn’t like SMS from brands or any promotional messages from them. However, email marketing campaigns have started integrating SMS as a major tool for retaining customers. Texts have proven to supply an outstanding open rate (98 percent) with around 90 percent of the users reading the texts within 3.5 minutes of receiving them.

There are various benefits of integrating SMS with email marketing campaigns, some include:


Marketing has become even simpler with SMS, as you can reach out to your consumers through texts even if they don’t have internet connectivity. There is more than one marketing method to connect with them and create interactions on the basis of reading and their responsiveness.

Cost Effectiveness

Email marketing has always given a solid ROI because of the low execution spending. Short messages offer a low-cost route to reach a huge number of customers at one go and connect to a large number of subscribers easily. Combining SMS and email marketing methods can help you reinforce texts through various channels. There are SMS rates, but they are comparatively very less depending on various businesses. Consider TouchSMS if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to your previous service provider.

Improved Audience Understanding

Combining your analytics and feedback within SMS and including them in your email marketing campaign can create a better picture. This helps subscribers to know more about the patterns identified within the business and helps them customize data for several approaches.

Several Tips to Integrate SMS into your Email Marketing Campaigns

Before you hurry and start incorporating messages for your email marketing campaigns, you must know some of the significant steps to do so. You can develop an omnichannel marketing strategy for delivering a consistent experience to your customers.

  • Approach SMS in a similar way as you handle your email
  • Sending triggering, transactional, and promotional texts to your customers
  • The soul of your text messages is Brevity
  • Try to use simple and relevant keywords and reply instantly to messages
  • Bring one channel to usage and support them with the other
  • Match your messages with your offerings
  • Search for potential partners for your omnichannel marketing method
  • Partner with some industry leaders in their Email Marketing Campaigns or SMS integration

Concluding Words

SMS messaging lets you complement your marketing techniques via many platforms – email, websites, social media, and other channels. Today’s typical consumerist world highly relies on media and contributions to everything, so texts can prove to be one of the best integration with social media campaigns like email marketing. Companies following this strategy retain up to 87 percent of their customers.

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