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Hiding Your IP With HideIPVPN

It is that time of the year when your favourite series are scheduled to start. If you are living in UK or USA, watching them will not be much of an issue to you, but if you are anywhere else apart from these countries, you are in for a lot of snooping around the internet, dodging dodgy sites, and a banking on sheer luck to save you from some malware or Trojan virus from such sites. This does not include the probability that you, may or may not get to watch every episode of your favourite series on the very same site, and you may have to go through the entire ordeal once again. If you are tired of spending your precious time over searching the internet for your series then we strongly recommend you switch to using a Virtual Private Network.


Virtual Private Network or VPN, is an environment that is secure enough for you to browse the internet without the fear of malware or spyware, tracking your movement online. What a virtual private network does is encrypts the data that moves to and from your computer, which is great feature if you want to visit sites anonymously. Another important feature of a VPN is that it hides your IP address, not making it known or public to servers. This is exactly what gets you access to all the regional restricted content on the internet. So if you have a VP network setup, you can fool the server into thinking your computer is from that region itself. A great provider for such a service is HideIPVPN, a company that provides you secure, reliable virtual private network. Accessing sites like Hulu, BBC, Pandora etc. with this will now be just a click away.

If you are wondering what hidden technical expertise will one have to possess to make this service functional, then you needn’t worry, you have to do none of that. A VPN connection with HideIPVPN, is as simple as downloading it onto your computer. The software allows you to choose between different servers, as well as different data transfer protocols. HideIPVPN offers its users 5 VPN protocols such as SSTP, OpenVPN, SoftEther, PPTP and L2TP. The service also allows you to have an unaltered Torrent download capacity, not limiting your download speed or content. Hide VPN also has additional features like encrypting your email or any message that goes and comes to your computer. Not only that Hide VPN also secures your VOIP services like Skype and Google Hangout, where the software regulates all activity on the chat that may be overlooked by the service provider.

With tablets, desktops, laptops, Smart TVs, smartphones, etc. at our disposal, having a secure VPN connection on just one device no longer makes sense, which is why Hide VPN has provided another smart solution- the SmartDNS. Along with accessing restricted sites on your laptop, you can also hop from one device to another. There is no limit on the number of devices you will be using as long as they all share the same IP address. Hide VPN offers this service at a monthly fee of $ 4.95 or $38.95 annually.

As far as purchasing options go, HideIPVPN is quite flexible.  You can choose from having access to only one country (i.e.UK, USA or Canada) you can opt for a premium VPN for $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year. If you want to go with the complete package, (i.e. access to secure browsing in Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Canada along with SmartDNS) it will cost you $9.99 monthly, or $83.99 yearly. If you are still unsure about the whole thing why not try their 7 day free trial account, to get a feel of what the whole deal? Even if you pay up first, there is a 30 day money back guarantee on offer. So, there is nothing to lose and much to gain. Sign up for HideIPVPN and never miss an episode of your favourite show.

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