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All You Need To Know About Voice & Conferencing

It’s much easier to share information and stay in touch when a company’s voice and data systems are combined together. Unifying the networks of a business not only makes it easy for prospects and customers to quickly be routed to the most appropriate resources, team members can always keep in close contact with each other.

Network connection

Using Voice over IP (VoIP) based communications technology allows the easy addition of supplementary teleworkers, new remote offices and new employees, all with near-zero expense and effort. With each step of the way, a company will have the all the communications tools it will need in order to make sure the business prospers.

Tying it all Together

One of the more important concepts in the business communications marketplace is that of Unified Communications. To understand this umbrella term, think about all the disparate telecommunications tools that your business uses right now: voicemail, Internet, fax, mobile phone, and of course your office phone system. Perhaps there are some others as well. Then consider all the different productivity applications in use, such as instant messaging, email, meeting clients, conferencing clients, and applications for time management, such as calendaring and scheduling. With UC, they’re not separate and distinct tools, but they all work together as a single solution. This one answer makes it simple to do many different things, such as:

  • Keep the company network safe from risks such as hackers and viruses
  • Add and integrate new employees and business units easily, thus saving time and money
  • Allow employees to work from anywhere
  • Enable customers and prospects to connect with the right unit at the right time
  • Use wireless devices to access crucial technologies
  • Assist members of the team to find each other right away
  • Convene meetings in remote locations by using Web technology, or audio, or video

Each piece of a unified communications system works together to make this happen.

IP telephony

When using IP Telephony, services typically available through a phone company or PBX are now provided by the data network. These include such standard features as audio (phone) conferencing, hold, transfer, and dial tone. A company’s employees should be able to transfer calls to any other extension in the company, regardless of its location. Also, all remote employees should have full access to all phone services through the use of a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to their office.

Unified messaging

Nobody likes having to check multiple inboxes for several different services: email, voice messages, faxes, and so on. UC will allow one to get all their messages directly in one single inbox (usually the email inbox). It gives a very easy way to stay in touch and connected with all the tools typically used every day – just in a slightly different, and better way.


The use of the company’s chosen voice and conferencing software lets employees quickly set up conference calls in order to have meetings, share presentations or simply see each other. The use of UC software makes this available through a single easy to use front end.

Presence solutions

Nobody likes playing “telephone tag” when there’s an important message to communicate. The use of “presence” applications that show real-time status of who is available online at any given time lets one check the contact information, location and most importantly, the availability of their coworkers with real time reporting.

Rich-media conferencing

Better collaboration and easier participation is enabled when the rich-media conferencing features of UC are used, which easily overtake the old-fashioned single-stream conferencing solutions.

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Michelle Patterson is a blogger more interested in HRMS, Technology, and Business. She has been invited by many companies to see their products and love sharing the knowledge and experience with the world.



  1. Prakash

    April 10, 2014 at 10:26 am

    These things must be known to everyone. And now I also got to know about voice conferencing.

  2. Sudipto

    April 24, 2014 at 8:17 am

    Hey Michelle,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I learned lots of new stuff about voice and conferencing after reading this post.

  3. Alexander Borden

    December 1, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Excellent article Michelle! The points noted about voice and conferencing above should be known to everyone. Thanks for sharing here!

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