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The Importance Of PWAN As A Viable VPN Alternative In Online Safety

Staying connected on the Internet is one of the most important factors of digital life today. This is even more so because of the proliferation of gadgets that can be used to communicate on the world wide web in spite of location. From tablets such as iPads and Microsoft Surface to Mac or Windows laptop and desktop computers, businesses are becoming more and more mobile.However, with all these gadgets comes greater risks and therefore greater responsibility.


Indeed, online safety can no longer be taken for granted. Recent events, particularly the US charge of Russian Evgeniy Bogachev, also known as “lucky12345” and “slavik”, accused of being the leader of the gang that spread the GameOver Zeus (“GOZ”) malware and the notorious Cryptolocker ransomware and cyber attacks on more than a million computers, serves as an important reminder of this fact.

The choice is clear and business owners know that; you can either protect yourself and your company against the ever increasing risks of using the Internet or do nothing and just hope for the best. Unfortunately, companies cannot just sit down and do nothing therefore finding a reliable technology to manage and support users is of utmost important. However, the process of monitoring internet connectivity and communications can be quite quite costly and cumbersome particularly for multi-site organisations. Even Virtual Private Networks (VPN) which are well known to provide security to users via tunneling protocols and security procedures such as encryption, can be expensive.

Not surprisingly, many companies are turning to the Private Wide Area Networking (PAWN) as a viable option for managing and securing their internet network.  According to Fluidata, PAWN “turns Internet connections into true private circuits without the use of VPNs by building a dedicated private core network for each user”.

Additional benefits of turning to PWAN for your company’s internet security includes:

  • Full protection by a dedicated and customisable firewall that offers each client an individual break-out point for Internet access.
  • Completely safe and secure environment with low latency and flexibility.
  • Resilience and faster application response with higher connectivity.

Whether you choose VPN or PWAN, the bottom line is to stay secure and prevent your business from falling victim to a malware attack. The cost of staying safe can never be compared to the cost of doing nothing.

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