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How to Get the Best Texting Spy App

Mobile technology has revolutionised the world and the way we view it. 2015 statistics show that 68% of American adults now use smartphones.

“Mobile is the digital gateway for the real world.”  -Tomi Ahonen

There is no doubt that mobile technology has revolutionised the world and the way we view it.  2015 statistics show that 68% of American adults now use smartphones. This figure jumps to 86% when looking at the Millennial generation (18-29 years age group).  In fact, Warren Tomlin observed in 2016 that the “invasion of the smartphone has been a bigger technological shift than even the Internet.”

Unfortunately, as the Tomi Ahonen quotation mentioned above notes, mobile technology has become the window through which we view the world. Social media, instant messaging, as well as text messaging provide a definitive outlook on our lives.

Mitigating damage done to children or corporations

For example, viral social media content can destroy an individual, or make or break a business. It is also relatively straightforward to commit industrial espionage using a mobile phone. After all, how will management know if we photograph trade secrets and sell them off to a competitor?

Furthermore, much has been written, and much more needs to be written about the dangers of giving teenagers unrestricted access to the Internet. However, smartphones do just that – they give teens unlimited access to the Internet.

Therefore, there may come a time where parents and company owners or management need to take charge and ethically install mobile phone monitoring applications such as texting spy apps onto their employee or children’s smartphones legally.

Ways to find the best texting spy app

Ergo, the question that begs is not whether it is a good idea to install a texting spy app onto the requisite mobile phones, it is where to find the best apps in an online space that is filled with noise or clutter. How do people sift out the good apps from the bad apps?

By way of a simple answer to these questions, here are a few ways to conduct an Internet search for an app that suits the user’s requirements:

Read up on reviews

Review sites and discussion forums are two of the best places to read up about a particular product. It is important to note that there will be both negative and positive reviews for each brand reviewed. Negative reviews do not mean that the product in question is unusable. All it means is that different people have their expectations of an app, and if the app disappoints their expectations, they will label it as useless. The idea here is to take a middle line between the good and the bad. It will soon become apparent which products are superior to others.

Read customer testimonials

Most product websites now contain customer testimonials. These reports should include details about why the app works for them. Bearing in mind that user requirements tend to be unique, find customer testimonials that discuss similar uses or scenarios.

Social media reviews

Social media has become a primary driver of traffic to a brand or product’s website.  Ergo, a quality product will have a large following on social media. Of course, a useless product can have an equal number of followers; however, in the first instance, the social commentary will largely be positive, while in the second case, comments will mostly be negative.

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1 Comment

  1. Dan D. Kelly

    July 26, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Good sharing! Easy to understand! Thanks for sharing.

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