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All about Xiaomi here in Singapore

Xiaomi premium phone is one of the best brands when it comes to phones in Singapore and all over Asia. Their phones have an attractive design that is hard to resist with high-quality accessories including cameras and their specs are top-notch. It has grown to be the third-best smartphone provider and aside from their wide range of phones, they have also ventured into manufacturing TVs, laptops, and home products too. It has everything for everyone.

Xiaomi premium phones are pocket-friendly and you are sure to find one that suits your budget. It is the only phone with no lock-in contract in Singapore.

The other good side to Xiaomi is that you can pay for its plans through, one of the best telco providers in Singapore.

What’s included in the Xiaomi catalog?

This brand has a variety of phones which are divided into different lines including:

Mi Note

Phones in this range are low cost with fewer features than others and you can tell by their pricing.

Mi Series

Phones in this category include some of Xiaomi’s biggest releases and you are sure to get a phone with the best features here.


In this line, these phones have the best and most daring designs of all. They are not released so often and when they release their first foldable phone which is to be launched this year, 2021, it will be in this category.

Mi Max

These phones are big with amazing displays. They also have the best specs including a long-lasting battery, string speakers, and a powerful processor.

Mi A

For that classic android experience, this is the line to pick from. Their features vary depending on the prices.

Redmi, Poco, and Black Shark

These are sort of mini brands owned by Xiaomi. Redemi begun as the cheapest, Poco had its best feature, and Black Shark its gaming phone. Over time these phones are being upgraded.

Shifting to 5G Network

Singapore has embraced the shift to 5G network and Xiaomi does not want to be left out. efficiency is what they aim at providing and you can say goodbye to buffering and enjoy fast uninterrupted connections.

The best Xiaomi gaming phones: Xiaomi’s sub-brand Black Shark is the best gaming phone Xiaomi has to offer however, others too can game just fine. For a gaming phone, all you need to ensure is that it has a big processor and good memory.

The best Xiaomi selfie phone: Mi 11, 10, 10T Pro, Poco X3, and Redmi Note 10 Pro have the best lenses and give the best selfies.

Do they have dual SIM phones? Yes, they have a number. The cheaper phones only support single sims but recent ones include them. Mi 11, Mi 9T, and Redmi Note 10 Pro are dual sim compatible.

With Xiaomi, you will get the best plan combos from The two have come together to give you more from what you spend on phone plans here in Singapore.

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