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The mobile industry is one of the greatest business opportunities seen in recent times. At the end of 2017, there were more than 2000 smartphone device types on the market in the U.S., providing a wide range of options for the user. This, therefore, means that all entrepreneurs should find a way to acquire mobile apps for business. Some of the main features you should look for in all mobile apps for business include:

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1. Important business information

All mobile apps for business should have all the important information about any business. This will allow users to easily ascertain its genuineness and decide whether or not they want to do business with it. Some of the information that mobile apps for business should have include

  • Business logo – This will help in brand identification and PR. If the logo is easy to remember, more clients will be gained because of the trust developed.
  • Business activities – This will allow a user to know what a business does and how they will benefit. For instance, apps for restaurants should have the entire menu, the discounts and special offers well laid out so that users can easily decide what they want to eat and when.
  • Location – This is very important to have in mobile apps for business because it will help users find the physical premises. This means that GPS capability should be included in the app to help visitors find the site. The GPS capabilities should be coupled with pictures of the actual premises for people to easily spot a business.

2. Customer reviews

All business mobile apps should have a feature where past clients give their honest opinions about the business. If the business offers high-quality services and products, then the positive reviews will result in many more clients. This is because as people search for a certain business e.g. a car repair shop, they tend to group them according to customer rating. This, therefore, means that you should only go for mobile apps for business that have a provision for people to make reviews either on the official website or in the app itself. In addition, reviews in the app help in Google Play app promotion and App Store.

This feature should allow customers to rate every important thing about the business e.g. customer service, location, ambiance etc.

3. Social media integration

You should only go for mobile apps for business that have the most popular social media sites integrated. This is because social media is one of the best ways to develop a conversation about business and can result in a lot of new clients. For instance, a client can come into your boutique and after getting very good service, decide to make a post on their social media wall. This will, therefore, result in a lot more referral downloads for said mobile apps for business and therefore new clients.

Some of the social media sites that all mobile apps for business should have are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other specialized sites depending on business activities.

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4. Affordability

You should only go for affordable mobile apps for business. It makes no sense to go for apps that will need you to hire a highly skilled programmer for maintenance while you can go for one that just requires periodic upgrades. Before going for certain mobile apps for business, you should ask “How do I get an affordable mobile app created?” Having this in mind will help in narrowing down the available options until a suitable one is obtained. Affordability will also depend on the mobile platform meaning that you should ask more specific questions like “How much does it cost to develop an app for iPhone?”

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