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The Geographical Area of A Telecom Service Provider and Roaming Services

A communication service provider has its own geographical coverage wherein its services can be effectively and efficiently enjoyed by its clients and customers. Within this geographical coverage, customers can easily send messages, make a call to another person, and enjoy sending and receiving a certain amount of data.

The communication service provider is larger connotation than that of a telecommunication service provider. For example, a telecommunication service provider only includes telephone and related services. On the other hand, the communications service providers usually include internet services, cable services, satellite TV, and other communication services.

Wireline and Wireless Engineering Systems

The geographical coverage of a telecom service provider usually includes the areas wherein it can effectively provide telephone services to clients whether through its wireline engineering infrastructure or through wireless engineering infrastructure. Wireline engineering systems consist of the layout of wirelines within a specific geographical coverage. This wireline geographical layout also includes the marketing, engineering, customer management, fleet management, operations support, and the organization of the different operations of the company.

On the other hand, the entry of wireless technologies has definitely forced telecom service providers to rethink their network infrastructures. Wireless networks are definitely costly and their installations and layouts usually require new iterations, new planning, and new testing.

Since most people nowadays are relying heavily on wireless networks in their communications, it is becoming imperative for telecom service providers and communications service providers to always upgrade their engineering layouts and infrastructures to be able to address the growing needs of their clients. Moreover, there are other needs that arise from the new mobility, apparent among customers and clients. Services such as those of the roaming services, therefore, have to be incorporated into the plans provided by telecommunication companies to ensure that their clients can still communicate and send messages even if these clients are out of the geographical area of their service providers. Telecom service providers also have to ensure that their subscribers will always stay connected to a particular network without losing their connections. Since telecom service providers have only limited geographical scopes, they should provide roaming services to their clients via the use of visited networks.

What is a Visited Network?

When subscribers move out of the geographical coverage of their telecom service provider, they usually lose their connections and become unable to communicate via their mobile devices. If their mobile phones have mobile roaming, their mobile phones will just automatically connect to any available service within range. However, there should be a prearranged agreement between the visited network and their service providers so that they can automatically hop to the new service provider. Afterwards, the subscriber identity will be authenticated by the visited network. The visited service provider will also process its own billing for the use of its service.

The international roaming has its origin from the GSM which is a standard used in the Europe by mobile phones. Roaming Products likewise are provided by the service provider to their clients to ensure that their clients will never lose connectivity even if they are already beyond the geographical coverage of the telecom service provider.

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