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Roaming Within the EU – What is Inbound Roaming?

Within the EU there are certain regulations in place that deal with roaming between networks in other countries. These regulations are meant to help smooth over one of the most troublesome travel issues that many people face: lack of service due to roaming or being out of range of your network’s towers.


One of the regulations enacted within the EU gives access service companies the right to offer roaming services and package deals to customers from all different networks. That means that many of the various phone service providers within the EU are required to offer their towers and network access stations up for use by access providers. Access service companies are the middlemen that help connect existing companies with inbound roamers who need to have service on their phones without buying a new SIM or registering with a different company.

When someone is said to be inbound roaming, this simply means that they are coming into another service provider’s area of operation. To their home provider they might be called an outbound roamer, but to the company that is offering service in the new area they are considered to be inbound roaming. These are the people that need access to networks outside of their home network.

Even though you are subscribed to one service, as an inbound roamer you will have access to another company’s network and service towers if you have an agreement with any sort of access providing company

Those companies offer roaming services across different countries within the EU. This is great for companies who send their employees for travel frequently and need to be able to keep their company phones active, and it’s also useful for individuals who travel a lot and would like to keep their service from one country to the next. Roaming services are intended to make the inbound roamer’s travels much easier and simpler.

By just switching your phone on and off, you can connect to the closest affiliated network tower around you. Thanks to the roaming services you, your employees, or any other individuals will be able to travel around Europe without having to struggle with communication through different networks, SIM cards, or expensive satellite phones. Roaming services provide the convenience needed to get work done efficiently without the high cost of other communication methods.

When you’re a frequent traveler around the EU, it’s important to be able to trust that when you are inbound roaming you will be able to get network services.

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