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Four of the Best Casino Games for Your Mobile

woman on mobile

Recent figures have revealed that there has been a 20 per cent rise in women gaming online since 2013. The studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief, women actually outnumber teenage boys by 36 per cent. The figures may be shocking to some, but there is a multitude of reasons as to why this might be.

woman on mobile

The rise of smartphones is without doubt a huge contributor to this. While approximately one in seven Americans has access to a smartphone, online gaming has become more prevalent, and with this, so too has online gambling. With more choice than ever, people are turning to casino games to get their thrills. If you’ve never tried it, there is a huge variety of mobile games out there – here are just a few of the best.

Live Casino Hold ’em

In today’s growing culture of online gambling, games developers are having to work that much harder to make their games stand out from the rest. Hence the concept of concept of live dealer casinos came into play. Users can now play with real life human dealers on a variety of games from baccarat to blackjack, but without a doubt, Live Casino Hold ’em is one of the best.

Starburst Slots

We all know how much of a stir Candy Crush caused when it first hit our smartphones back in April 2012. With all the excitement of the bright colours and the opportunity to match up jewels, players were instantly hooked. The folks developing Starburst Slots have acknowledged this and created their own version, promising a high-paced, five-reel slot game which has a little extra reward.

Gonzo’s Quest

The historians amongst us will love Gonzo’s Quest, which takes users back to the conquistador era. This addictive slot machine game tells the story of Gonzalo Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador who makes it his mission to find El Dorado. The great thing about this game is that, rather than the traditional wheel spin function, it has an ‘avalanche’ feature, akin to the aforementioned Candy Crush. The feature enables symbols to fall into place on the betting lines – matching lines will disappear, leaving gaps to be filled and creating an ‘avalanche’ – guaranteeing bigger winnings.


Perfect for the slightly more mature audience, Jeopardy takes a nostalgic look back at the popular American quiz show with its very own online slots. Not only will your skills as a gambler be tested here, but also your level of general knowledge – do you have what it takes to answer questions based on history, literature, popular culture and science? Quite apart from mimicking the best bits of the popular TV show of the same name, this slot game offers you five reels and nine payline slots, giving you maximum opportunities to win big – as long as your knowledge is up to the task!

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