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Types of Casino Bonuses you are Offered Online

Online casino offers various bonuses which include a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free spins, cashback, loyalty bonus, and lotteries.

A little extra on something is what everybody likes. Applying this strategy, online casinos have come up with various rewards and bonuses for passionate gamblers. The online casino offers various bonuses which include a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free spins, cashback, loyalty bonus, and lotteries. The players get an opportunity to make bets for free, spin the slot machine for free and receive a cashback in return for the lost amount. These bonuses encourage the players to play and win more.

The casino offers frequent bonuses as incentives. These bonuses entice the new customers and retain the old ones. The casino continues rewarding you after your welcome bonus and cashback prices. You might be wondering how many bonuses does a casino offer? What is the difference between them? This article will brief you about all the bonuses. 

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is nothing but a humble beginning of the game. The red carpet rolls in and the casinos thank you for registering with them and trying out their games. The player automatically receives a minimum amount after the registration. The amount could be around 10- 30 dollars as it is just the entering amount, but once the player starts playing he is likely to receive more such exciting bonuses.    

Deposit bonus

This bonus is for regular players. The purpose behind this is to fund your account. The percentage amount of the bonus could be equal to your deposit amount. The best thing is its variation. Many online casinos periodically hold similar promotions e.g. +50% deposit if you bet for $100 you will be able to play with $150. Normally, online casinos are for slots but many also offer deposits that are exclusive for table and live casino games.  

Free spins 

Free spins are among the most popular casino bonuses that encourage new slots players to sign up.  This is a good chance to spin the wheel without paying anything. You need not make any deposits to receive this bonus.  The number of free spins could be between 5-25. These spins are applicable only on a few slots. However, do not forget to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly attached to the voucher.   


Casinos support when luck doesn’t. Some casinos offer a percentage of cashback bonus for money the customer loses. It could be a 5-10 % return of the lost amount. Some casinos restrict their bonus amount up to a certain limit. One important thing to consider here is wagering requirements. You won’t be able to withdraw it until you meet the specific requirements. Once all the requirements are met, the cashback automatically returns in a week or a month summing up all the amount of losses. 

Loyalty bonus 

Loyalty bonuses are rewarded for activities in casinos. However, it varies from casino to casino. The loyalty points could be divided into three different categories: cash rewards, free spins, special treatment. Cash rewards can be converted into loyalty points to redeem in the casino. Some casinos also allow you to withdraw it, but before doing that go through the terms and conditions. Free spins can also be exchanged for loyalty points, or you may get periodic free spins once you gain a certain number of points. Lastly, for your loyalty, a casino counts you as a valuable player and rewards you with exclusive services like faster withdrawals and personal support.

Online casinos are the big thing in the digital world, especially after the pandemic surge. Casino bonuses are worth it though all bonuses are not equal. Just make sure to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly and check whether the wagering requirements are fair enough or not before choosing the casino. 

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