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Exclusivity as a Marketing Strategy in the Online Entertainment Industry

Source: Pixabay.

Providing loyal customers with exclusive offers and bonuses can be an effective way to make one company stand out from its competitors. Exclusivity is the ideal marketing strategy for businesses that are looking to expand and diversify their customer base, whether as a startup or as an existing company that needs to reinvigorate its public image.

According to Business of Apps, Spotify can claim a 36% share of the global music streaming market and 217 million monthly active users. Netflix has a similar stranglehold on the video streaming market. CNN reported how the company surpassed the 139 million figure for paying subscribers earlier this year. It is now just expected that people will pay, and continue to pay, for huge services like Spotify and Netflix. If not, they risk missing out on the next hit album or television show. Spotify can secure deals with artists to exclusively stream their output, while Netflix has even moved into the production of shows and movies only available on that platform.

There are many other companies, from different fields within the online entertainment industry, that find exclusivity a worthwhile marketing strategy.


Origin is the video game distribution company owned by EA, with the platform aiming to challenge Steam for supremacy in the online gaming market. Being backed by EA enables Origin to provide some exclusive content that Steam cannot, which is an effective way to attract new customers who specifically want to access those games.

Perhaps the biggest title that Origin can hold over Steam is The Sims 4, with users required to download Origin to be able to play the popular computer game. Polygon reported how Origin gave its users the chance to download The Sims 4 for free for a limited time, which was a sensible way to highlight the exclusiveness of parts of the Origin game library.

Buzz Bingo

Many gamers find it difficult to choose their preferred website for online slots, given the sheer number of online casino providers. Many of those sites have significant overlap in terms of the games available. Having all of the slots from leading game developers has its upsides, but it also homogenizes the industry to an extent.

Buzz Bingo have counteracted this with their Buzz Exclusives, slots which are only available on Buzz Bingo’s online gaming platform. If players want to access slots like ‘Fortune Fireworks’ or ‘Read All About It’, then Buzz Bingo is their only option. Offering exclusive games is an effective way of attracting new players and generating repeat custom, as consumers could keep coming back to see what titles are added in the future.


Source: Pixabay.

Nintendo Switch Online members can enjoy both exclusive products and offers, which is an accomplished way to maintain client loyalty in an industry where devotion to one brand is hugely important. Many people stick with PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo for life. It could take a dramatic turn of events to change console loyalty, but exclusive offers are one way to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Members of the Nintendo Switch Online program can access exclusive products, such as Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers, which can be used with a Switch. Given how quickly consoles and games can develop, members are likely to remain signed up to the loyalty scheme if it means they can be first to access new cutting-edge titles and products.

Exclusivity will never go out of fashion as a marketing strategy, as it is frequently a successful way to ensure that consumers feel valued by a company.

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