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Digital Transformation: What, Why, and How—Part I

Digital transformation, to define it as is, means accelerating business activities, competencies, and processes to completely leverage the opportunities and changes of digital technologies and the impact of these technologies in a prioritized and strategic way.

Today in this four-part article we will explore the what, why, and how of the digital transformation process.

What is Digital Transformation?

Ever since digital transformation made its way into the market, there are a lot of definitions for this term. Well, according to us, digital transformation is a term that is often used to refer to the use of digital technology and changes linked to digital applications for every aspect—living and human society. If you read up, you will find out that digital transformation stands on the third stage when it comes to embracing technologies. The first is digital competence and the second is digital literacy. To define it simply, ‘going paperless’ is the ideal example of digital transformation.

Business is one of the industries affected by digital transformation, other industries being government, education, science, art, and mass communication.

Important Factors of Digital Transformation

To successfully start the complete process of digital transformation, it requires three core elements; digital customer experience, leadership and vision, and digital transformation. Here is what each element means briefly:

  1. Digital Customer Experience

One of the easiest elements to understand, digital customer experience is about researching customer behavior, identifying their personalities, and meeting their expectations. Digital transformation can successfully take the due course when one is prepared with this information.

  1. Leadership and Vision

Most businesses even today refuse to identify digital transformation as a necessary effort. Therefore, businesses need leadership and vision to implement this necessary change.

  1. Digital Transformation

To set things into motion, organizations have teams that especially work on digital transformation. These teams are commonly known as innovation teams or digital circles.

Facts and Statistics

So, we rounded up on some of the interesting facts and statistics predicted by some of the industry experts:

  • Over 80% businesses lack the required digital skills
  • In 2014, over 80% digital executives confirmed that their organization or business was undergoing digital transformation change.
  • Only 20% of businesses have included customer journey as an important part of their digital transformation process
  • Every one year, the amount of data stored keeps doubling
  • Two out of five marketers believe that their business is a pro digital marketing firm
  • In 2015, over 90% jobs required candidates to have mandatory communication and technology skills
  • Over 90% businesses are using social media to enhance their product selling strategies and retaining their customers
  • Over 60% people globally interact with brands through their social media channels

So, this brings us to the end of Part I of digital transformation article. In the next part, we will be discussing why digital transformation is important.

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